All magnetic fields have poles a possible mechanism for negentropy

My friend John Jankowski has very kindly supplied a diagram of the possible true nature of magnets, putting solid pictorial form to my theories. Even if this graphic turns out to be wrong, the temporarily enlarged time reversed secondary poles, are an excellent way to visualize the field depletion process manifested in the Adams motor. One can model the negative impulse mathematically, but that is different from the actual physics of how the effect is in reality manifested.

Areas of least classical magnetic attraction

Vortex fields, 2 connected, synchronous spin The pm field's volt replenishment mechanism 'Cold current' - time negative

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[\| Classical field, normally static torroid Amp replenishment mechanism / ■■ \ 'Hot current' - time positive

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

It seems like the efforts to find the best alternative energy sources are seriously being looked into by lots of countries including most US cities. One proof is the signing of the Kyoto Treaty. The main aim of the concerned group and individuals is to lessen the greenhouse gases and pollutants.

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