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In permanent magnet switched reluctance design, it is important to understand the windings are fundamentally demagnetizing windings, and NOT as many people intuitively assume - magnetizing windings. Important difference. This is not to say the windings can not with enough voltage be used as magnetizing windings, but this is not really the proper mental image to use to visualize how the motor functions. Try it this way - the units I am about to used are not intended to correlate to real values, simply to make a point. The rotor is attracted to the stator core. When in register, the core is energized by the pole face of the permanent magnet to a strength of (negative) -10. In order to totally neutralize the temporarily acquired magnetism of stator core, and enable the rotor to 'free wheel away,' an electromagnetic field of + 10 must be induced in the stator windings. The Lenz current / precharge in full register where the greatest number of stator turns are cut, might be equivalent to, say, + 8. The timed delivered DC pulse, has a value of + 12. So with Lenz current / precharge, the net magnetism of the stator when in register is +10. That is ((-10) + (8)) + (12) = +10. Without Lenz current the calculation would be as follows (-10) + (12) = +2. We have therefore made a 'free energy,' gain of + 8 units - equivalent to the size of the Lenz current / precharge induced in the windings.

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