Close up of Adams Stator Rotor Interaction



Stator windings are potentialised / pre charged by field of magnet When circuit closes charge manifested in windings is above supply Precise geometrical use of'Lenz gate' enables load less energy gain Magnet's flux field becomes time reversed negentropic to restore itself Circuitty within flux field also becomes time reversed Photons directly convert disordered heat energy from the vacuum to potential If field depletion is sufficient, electrons flow backwards, giving polarity reversal

1/2 width / height of rotor magnet, as per Mr Adams 4:1 area ratio rule. This is to ensure the stator winding get plenty of 'free precharge,' as well as facilitating the negative inductor function of the permanent magnets

24 awg wire. When tested on the pole face of a permanent magnet in a solid state setup, after 10 minutes it started to burn up. When installed in a motor unit and correctly configured for the 'yaw to register,' it runs cold even after extended periods of operation.

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