John Jankowskis Transductor Device Important General Construction Notes

The coils must be wound directionally as indicated and connected in series as shown.

Counter clockwise wind is determined by facing the nail core head or PM directly and proceeding back as noted.

• The use of the thin double sided tape as insulation is convenient and beneficial.

• Best results were obtained at 9v - the first negative energy harmonic value

• Stator wind depth can be set by placing a paper clip in front of a magnet pole face, and moving it closer until such time as frictional forces are overcome, and it flies into the face of the permanent magnet. Note this length, and wind stator core to this depth.

• *DO NOT USE A REGULATED POWER SUPPLY* Results to date have been disappointing.

• Air cores do not appear to work. Slightly counter intuitively, iron / mild steel is essential to device operation - without it, this device cooks, and the sharply reduced current draw over-unity effect is not manifested

• Stator windings should be about 10 ohms for optimal results

• It has been found S pole faces work slightly better than N pole faces

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