Johns Commentary on Device Development

The biggest thing I missed early on was the importance of series connection. The first units had isolated input and output coils keeping the input and output separate. When Bill pulsed his output coil, I knew we had to do that also (provide a carrier current). It is essential to manifest the over-unity effect, and is basic to the operation of the Adams motor. I did not want to make an entirely separate active supply circuit to do this, so the obvious solution was simply to hook up the inputs and outputs in series. Naturally that instantly worked, and I had nothing to lose by trying it. So my main error was to worry about losing potential, which if everything is routed to the eventual output anyway, is never going to happen! I then connected the device in parallel with supply, which never allowed the load to see less than supply potential.

The final trick was to prevent the charged cap potential from instantly and totally dumping into the load. This is what everyone does and, of course, it never works. So I coupled the (-) charge indirectly to the load circuit by inserting a diode BACKWARDS of normal. This does 2 things: allows the diode trickle access to the load, but only on demand (as nature sees fit) and, because (-) supply terminal must be a LOWER potential than the (-) leg of the charge cap, then the charge can reach ground when any natural aberration dictates, but ONLY through the load. Finally hooking in parallel to the (+) leg apparently allows the amperage components to couple with the device so total watt (amp) potential in the storage cap is 50-125 times higher than a common transformer would produce.

In sum all the fields are coupled and uncoupled without wasting any potential to do so. All the gains are then stored in the charge cap, and dissipated JUDICIOUSLY by nature, which probably no human could ever match in effectiveness. Then we just sit back and let nature perform the implementation, which apparently, it does rather nicely.

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