Second Independent POD Replication

The following post was made entirely unsolicited to an Egroup recently. I have been unable to procure a photo, but the replication claim remains fully valid. Since no photo has been offered, I have decided not to give a separate web page to this device. I must say this is one area of misunderstanding. Some people seem to think I have the power to force people to buy webcams and post their full names, address, and telephone numbers on the internet. In reality, most people replicating the technology on this website dislike attention, which is something I always respect.

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From: "<^******************^>" Date: Sun *** **, 2002 7:26 am Subject: POD units

Hello all, I am wondering if anybody out there has looked at the solid-state "Power-On-Demand" / POD modules that are at URL

Has anyone tried experimenting with this type of device? It is very easy to build. I have built one myself and it exhibits some interesting properties like halving (or better) the current draw when the "end" magnet is added. I do not fully understand the device's functioning or the effects it creates.

I would love to hear about anybody's experiences or insights concerning this device.

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

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