Third Independent POD Replication

futuresky123 posted this to the Adams motor Egroup:

more on winding the pod

Greetings, I've recently been experimenting with Parallel Path but decided to set it aside for now and replicate POD. I have already built a working Adams motor that runs cold, but have yet to measure cop. So I took one of the stators from my Adams motor and wired it per POD specifications, and low and behold the current draw halves. The POD I built uses ring magnets stacked from speakers that are rather large, 3/8" bolt for core. I built the POD unit very quickly not counting wire turns etc. Now let's get to the numbers. I performed two tests

1. IN .16A,17.3V OUT .2A,17.3V @ 252hz = cop of 1.25

2. IN .1A,18.1V OUT .2A,18.0V @ 450hz = cop of 1.99

So I would say with the numbers there is no doubt about over-unity and these numbers can only get better with improved materials and further experimentation.


• The reason we say 60hz to 5khz, is that depending upon rotor / stator geometry, core materials, magnet type, and other factors, optimal switching speeds vary from one unit to the next.

• Try 1-5khz switching for significantly improved results above the basic COP 2 result, in particular 4khz.

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Renewable Energy

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