Replications Brians CD Motor

How Use Hard Drive Motor

The only deviation from my design Brain made was his use of slightly larger 1 magnets. Sadly, this was enough to result in a motor that ran 'hot' rather than 'cold.' However, this identified pulse width as a critical variable, and with the addition of 555 circuitry, cool ambient operation was easily obtained. Matts CD Motor Hard Drive Motor Combo Experiment

The Original Hard Drive Motor

Back Motors

This fascinating motor was based upon a rotor scavenged from an old computer hard drive. Hence as one would expect, it is almost entirely frictionless, and also very well calibrated. Between the dual hard drive platters reside 4 1 2 12.7mm square faced NIB magnets, fixed in place with high strength epoxy glue, at 90 degrees apart. The diameter of the hard drive platters disks is 130mm. The stator cores are made from permalloy these were found to produce better results than relay cores . The...

Construction Guidelines for the Historic CD Motor Device

2 CDs - Can be taken from old computer magazine covers, for example 3 4 Magnets - Glue 2 grade 8 ceramic disc magnets together to make one magnet Circuitry - Hall ic, MOSFET, general purpose wire, etc 12v 7Ah lead acid battery - A good Ah rating is required for best results 24 - 26 awg stator wire - Enameled copper required to wind stator Mild steel nails, washers, nail head covers, misc Wood plastic - Magnetically non conductive material to fix parts 2,500 psi epoxy glue - This is about the...