Are You Still Paying An Electric Bill

Why not reduce or even eliminate your electric bill and have the government help you to do it with up to a $2,500.00 per kilowatt cash rebate and a


We'll beat any advertised in stock price on our same top of the line solar electric systems or your system is free !

Our top of the line solar systems are priced thousands of dollars less than the competition ! Visit or call 1-888-647-6527 and tell your electric company to take a rate hike !

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Now shipping and integrating a-si ATPV-40/42 watt modules for residential, business, and sun farm projects. Lowest prices and most positive energy payback than any other solar provider in the industry.

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The Solmetric SunEye" is all you need.

• Integrated fish-eye lens and digital camera

• Instant on-site sunpath images and bar charts

• Accounts for panel tilt and orientation

• Simulates removal of shade-causing obstructions

• Automatically generate reports and archive data

• Fully compliant with EPBB rebate requirements

New SunEye™ GPS Module

• Automatic location detection for each skyline

• Easily add to existing SunEyes in field

To purchase, contact 1-800-967-6917 or

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