Efficiency First!

The Home Energy Diet will help you:

• Reduce your carbon footprint

• Make informed decisions about energy use and savings

"This book is comprehensive, complete, and useful. Buy it, read it, and then put this information to use in your own home." —Richard Perez, Publisher Home Power Magazine


Get THE Distinquished Mark for Renewable Energy Professionals

Since 2003, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) has been awarding professional credentials to renewable energy installers. NABCEP's rigorous competency standards for certification sends a clear message to consumers, financers, and public officials that the Industry stresses high quality, safe and ethical business practice and workmanship standards.

NABCEP PV or Solar Thermal Certification...

THE One That's Hard to Get

To find out how to become a Certified Installer please visit:

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Silin sur

Did we mention it's portable too?

1.800.793.4364 www.solarstik.com

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