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Catalog Send $6.00 for our catalog, or visit our web site. "Convert It" We wrote the book on electric car conversions - literally! Send $30.00 postage paid for this hands-on how-to conversion manual, written in plain English for the home hobbyist mechanic.

Conversion Kits Complete custom bolt-in kits for the VW Rabbit and Porsche 914, or a universal kit for other small cars and light trucks.

Web Site Visit our web site for our complete catalog, price list, gallery of conversions, and extensive conversion information section.

P.O Box 1113-HP, Felton, CA 95018-1113 ^<^^831-429-1989 WWW.ELECTROAUTO.COM ^^t>^[email protected]

Wind Data Logger for wind site assessment, turbine monitoring, and weather station applications

High performance and very low cost. Supports m ultiple anemometers, wind vanes, temperature, relative humidity, light level, voltage and current, and many other sensors.

Logs directly to removable Secure Digital card. PC and cell phone interfaces available to capture live data and send to the internet or through e-mail. Ready to go packages available — just give us a call or visit our website!


Phone: +1-507-454-2727 Web: www.winddatalogger.com 902 East Second Street, Suite 320, Winona, MN 55987

BZ Products Model MPPT250

250 watt 25 amp Maximum Power Point Solar Control

• Boost charge current up to 30%

• Up to 25 amp output current

• Microprocessor control

• Digital metering

• PWM float control

• Battery temperature sensor standard

• 15 amp low voltage disconnect standard

• Aux battery trickle charger standard

• Five year warranty

BZ Products, Inc.

314-644-2490 • www.bzproducts.net[email protected] 7914 Gravois, St. Louis, MO 63123, USA


Save Over 90% On Your Lighting Bill 60,000 Hour Bulb Life (est.) • 2-year Warranty • UL Listed

CC Vivid PAR 38 ^ LED Spotlight

• Outdoor Sensor or Exterior Lighting

• 72 Bright White LEDs

CC Vivid PAR 20 LED Flood & Spot

• Ceiling or Garden Accent Lighting

• 36 Bright White LEDs

CC Vivid + LED Light Bulb

» Porch, Reading or Ambient Light » 36 Bright White LEDs

, CC Vivid PAR 30 LED Floodlight

► Ceiling or Garden Accent Lighting

» 60 Bright White LEDs

These bulbs fit most standard fixtures. Additional sizes and voltages available.

CCRflN 800-522-8863 • CCI


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