NO Carbon

I \ NO Wars rjlar onarc [email protected] GorillaVehicles. com PLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE or call for a brochure package

Gorilla Vehicles

5842 McFadden Ave, Unit R Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 377-7776


HYDROELECTRIC SYSTEMS: Pelton and Crossflow turbines or complete AC systems for standalone or grid interconnect operation. Site evaluation and equipment selection assistance. Manufacturing home and commercial size turbines since 1976. Free brochure: Canyon Industries, PO Box 36HP, Deming, WA 98244, 360-592-5552. Email: [email protected] Web page: canyonhydro.com • HP12102

FOLLOW THE SUN! Light seeking single and dual axis solar tracker controls. www.theanalogguy.com • HP12103

ECOMALL: The largest environmental portal of earth-friendly companies and resources. Renewable energy companies, news and information. www.ecomall.com. To advertise, call 845-679-2490 • HP12104

LARGE GAS REFRIGERATORS 12, 15 & 18 cubic foot propane refrigerators. 15 cubic foot freezers 800-898-0552 Ervin's Cabinet Shop, 220 N County Rd. 425E., Arcola, IL 61910 • HP12105

XXXXXXXUNI-SOLAR XXXXXXXX XXXXXX 64 Watts $359 XXXXXXXX M55 Siemens panels $225. Almost new 135 AH AGM 12-volt battery $175. TraceX SW5548 $2450. Ex 2KW inverter SB $850. Buy, sell New/Used 760-949-0505 • HP12106

Help for DIY HYDRO! 66+ Custom TURBINES, 82-400mm diameter, cast aerospace alloy or molded plastic from $120 www.h-hydro.com • HP12114

I AM A SOLAR WHOLESALER looking for retailers to carry my solar electronic, educational & hobby goods. Phone # (916) 486-4373. Please leave message • HP12109

PORTABLE AND STANDBY GENERATORS from Honda, Yamaha, Subaru, Kipor, and More + Wireless Remote Start Available. www.hayesequipment.com 1-800-375-7767 • HP12107

NEMO DC SUBMERSIBLE WELL PUMPS. Complete, ready to install. $229 includes IMMEDIATE FREE SHIPPING. Visit www.nemopumps.com or call 1-877-684-7979 • HP12108

TELLURIDE COLORADO, Quality solar homes and appropriate land for sale. Highest quality of life, environment and cultural opportunities. Enjoy working with the world's only completely solar powered Real Estate office. JOHN JANUS (970) 728-3205---800-571-6518 WWW.JANUSREALESTATE.com Email:[email protected] • HP12110

EDTA RESTORES SULFATED BATTERIES. EDTA tetra sodium salt, $16/lb. plus $6 S&H for 1st lb. plus $2 S&H for each additional lb. Trailhead Supply, 325 E. 1165 N., Orem, UT 84057, (801) 225 3931, email: [email protected], info at: www.webspawner.com/users/edta • HP12111

DC POWERED CEILING FANS: 12 & 24 volts: The Best in the World: RCH Fanworks [email protected] www.fanworks.com PH: 509-685-0535 • HP12112

BE TRULY INDEPENDENT IN THE ALASKAN BUSH. For Sale - Modern home with power system. For photos & full details, see www.remoteproperties. com , click on "Western Alaska", then click on "Aniak" • HP12120

SURVIVAL UNLIMITED.COM - Emergency Preparedness & Survival Supplies. Wind Power from 439.00+. Many great products & prices! 1-800-455-2201 www.survivalunlimited.com • HP12113

GAIN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE Wind Power - Solar PV - Solar Hot Water -Renewable Energy Workshops - Biodiesel - LED Lighting - Edmonton AB Canada 780 466-9034,

www.trimlinedesigncentre.com • HP12115

SOLAR CELLS New 5" monocrystal 50 per pack - 125 watts $150.00 make your own solar panels email for specs: [email protected] • HP12116

HYDROS, P.M. BRUSHLESS DC units with Harris housing and wheel. Up to 70% efficiency. From $1350. www.homehydro.com 707-923-3507 CA • HP12118

SOLARVENTI: - THE SOLAR POWERED HOME FRESH AIR SOLUTION. SolarVenti is the ecological solution for household problems of condensation, mold, mildew and musty odors. Unlimited fresh air in your home, Boat or RV, powered by the sun! Contact www.solar-imports.com or mail: [email protected] or call 949-715-7477 • HP12123

Complete Biodiesel Production System

The Ester Machine

Process, Wash, Dry...80 Gallons of B100

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