Inductor power Board

It's how we make the world's most reliable grid-tied solar inverters.

When you engineer more and more advanced technology into fewer and fewer parts, reliablity is the end result. It's just that simple.

More reliable products—More uptime, more energy. Products are UL-tested and listed, with a full 1 0-year nationwide warranty.

More reliable power—Our products are U.S.-made, designed for the North American environment, with the industry's leading efficiency.

More reliable monitoring—Internet-based performance monitoring assures you of optimized system performance and energy harvest.

More reliable people—Trained and experienced installers and customer service professionals ensure seamless operation, maximum energy harvest, and long product life. Don't you wish all of life were as simple as that?

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Simply Mare Reliable Solar



Ph 425-374-9060

Type 3R aluminum chassis with flip up cover| Ground bus bar PV negative bus bar

Accommodates conduit entering bottom, sides, top or back ETL listed for US and Canada

Deadfrontcover included

PV combiner with space for

6 breakers or 4 fuses Deadfront cover hides wiring Copper bus can be split for two PV systems

Why pay for a ten or 12 position PV combiner when most systems have a maximum of six strings?

Why buy two, when one will do?

Introducing the

MS-AE 120/240V Series Inverter/Charger

The new, MS-AE 120/240V Series Inverter/Charger from Magnum Energy is a uniquely designed, pure sine wave inverter series that can provide 120/240 volt split phase output in one unit, eliminating the need to stack two units together to produce 240 volts.

The new MS-AE 120/240V Series comes with all of the comprehensive features that you've come to expect from Magnum Energy, including 24 and 48 volt models, the power factor corrected charger, accessible design, convenient switches, 30 amp per leg transfer relay, durable chassis, and ease of installation.

The only question left is what you'll do with the extra space.

Also now available:

The new MidNite Solar 120/240

E-Panel for the MS-AE Series



Technologies Corporation 877-722-8877

Solatron Technologies 888-647-6527

Wholesale Solar 800-472-1142

SunWize Technology 800-817-6527

AEE 800-777-6609 Dealer and distributor inquiries welcome

No stacking required -120/240 volt split phase output from one unit

And no waiting -

Now shipping the MS4448AE Phone: 425-353-8833

The Powerful Difference

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