ULTRA LOW ENERGY with only 25 - 130 WATTS! The most efficient coolers on the planet. 12, 24, & 48 Volt DC Evaporative Coolers.

Also available in 120 & 240 Volt AC. Made from Stainless Steel = Long Life! KAR KOOL FOR YOUR VEHICLE


We Make COOLING Your Lowest Electrical Load! (520) 885-7925 Tucson, Arizona, USA


JWP-Jan WatercraStProducts

Battery Watering Made Easy!

RV, Off Grid

Marine Golf Carts

PRO-FILL is not only for your "HOME POWER" applications. You can also use on your RV, camper, boat, golf cart... Get the picture? Visit our web site to see ALL of these applications. PRO-FILL, the most convenient and accurate means of filling and maintaining battery water levels. Period! 5 year warranty, free shipping in USA.

Distributed by: JWP

I VISA E-mail: [email protected] Call Bob- 1-616 822-7587

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