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SMALL, EASILY RELOCATED MANUFACTURING BUSINESS. Light, easily shipped, patented product you can be proud to produce in a relatively small shop area. Tools, dies, inventory and an exclusive license to produce on a royalty basis: $60,000. Outright sale incl all patent rights: $100,000. Principals only. 303945-5334.

NEEDED- Equipment for drug rehabilitation community located in central CA. We are a totally private funded, self supporting foundation trying to convert to alternative energy and need PV panels, solar thermal and wind power equipment, batteries, inverters, generators, etc. Donations are tax deductible. Call Sylvester Herring-408-926-5369

LOWEST PRICES EVER! Used Carrizo Quad Lams 85W $340. Reconditioned Ni-Cads & Edison Cells $0.30AH. Surplus C & D 1680AH Lead Acid round cells $0.15AH. Energy Options 1755 Coon Rd Aspers PA 17304 ph 717-677-6721

SOLAR HOME Remote 1A Show Low AZ 7000' EL. 1000 sq ft + 24 x 24 garage/shop. Phone. 6-40W ARCO panels 2500w inverter. $40,000. 602-337-2976 or 417-451-9625

12V MINIWASH 5.5 Amp, cleans 4.5 lbs. clothing. Real Goods $195. Like new $145. 207-633-3983, HC65 Box 67, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

I AM SEEKING INDIVIDUALS/FAMILIES interested in ecological living/homesteading/self-sufficiency to combine financial resources in order to purchase rural acreage (100 a.) in temperate region of U.S. Contact Paradise Search c/o Kay, 832 Willow St., Reno, Nevada 89506.

GEMINI SYNCHRONOUS INVERTER; 800w, older style; fully adj; new; converts max. 200v DC to AC power & shoves it to home or grid. $1500. F.O.B 05464 David Albright, RD1, Bx 285, Jeffersonville, VT. 802-644-2987 Eves.

INVERTERS ! INVERTERS Brand new & must go! TRACE 2012 w/Standby, DVM $1150; TRACE 1512, $825; TRACE 612, $425; HELIOTROPE PSTT 12-2300 Watt, $1050; POWERSTAR 200, $95; UPG400, $310. BOOTSTRAP ELECTRONICS 501-447-2723

SOLAR POWER TOO EXPENSIVE? Read "Small Electric Co." $4. Want an inconspicuous survival home? Read "City Fort" $8. J. Hooker 309 S. Marina, Prescott, AZ 86303

5 AMPS FOR $250-5 YEAR GUARANTEE-ARCO M52L-17.7V,5.6A,4'X1'X4',Solar Electric Inc, 1450 Harbor Island Dr, 1800-842-5678 or call collect (619)291-2803

MICRO-HYDRO SOURCEBOOK an excellent practical guide for hydro design is available for $26.00 postpaid. This book has valuable information on the design and construction of the civil works for hydro site development. WPM, Box 9723, Midland 08,


ORGANIC BUILDING & DESIGN; All non-toxic materials. Experts in energy conservation & air quality. Plans, specs, & buildings available at reasonable cost nationwide. Remarc Inc. P.O.Box 174, Holderness, NH 03245 - 603-968-9678.

JACOBS WIND ELECTRIC replacement parts, new blades, and blade-actuated governors. We make replacement parts and have new blades for most all wind generators, pre-REA to present models. Many used parts, too. Lots of used equipment available: wind generators, towers, both synchronous and stand alone inverters, and Aermotor waterpumpers. Best prices on TRACE inverters and Bergey Wind Generators. Whisper 1000, $1260 and we pay shipping to anywhere in the lower 48. Trade Wind's wind odometer for $140.00, delivered. Information: $1; specify interests. Lake Michigan Wind & Sun, 3971 E Bluebird Rd., Forestville, WI 54213 Phone 414-837-2267.

THE COLUMBIA, 52", 4-bladed, brass 12 volt D.C. ceiling fan: Draws 0.4 amp, reversible motor and oak blades. For information on this and other models plus names of dealers, send S.A.S.E. to R.C.H., 2173 Rocky Creek Rd, Colville, WA 99114

1991 GUIDE TO UNUSUAL HOW-TO SOURCES. Describes 50 periodicals & handbooks on backyard tech, camping, crafts, finding new friends, gardening, home education, low-cost shelters, travel, woodslore, etc. All addresses are included. Free for SASE. Light Living Library POB 190-HP, Philomath, OR 97370

PURE CASTILE & VEGETARIAN SOAPS. Handmade in an AE environment. We also have hard to find natural bath & body care products. FREE catalog: SIMMONS HANDCRAFTS 42295 AE, Hwy 36, Bridgeville, CA 95526

HYDROELECTRIC SYSTEMS: Pelton and Crossflow designs, either complete turbines or complete systems. Assistance in site evaluation and equipment selection. Sizes from 100 watts to 5 megawatts. Manufacturing home and commercial size turbines since 1976. Send for a free brochure. Canyon Industries Inc., P.O. Box 574 HP, Deming, WA 98244, 206-592-5552.

INEXPENSIVE 12V LIGHTING. Use car bulbs in 110 fixtures with our nifty adaptors (See HP4 Things That Work). $5 ea, dealer discounts. AE-powered home industry. Northern Lites, POB 874-HP, Tonasket, WA 98855

SOLAR MIND - Newsletter with a holistic view to appropriate transportation, technology, and mind. Also electric vehicles and parts listings. Send $3 to: Stevenson, 759 South State St. #81, Ukiah, CA 95482

MAKE FREE HYDROGEN FUEL from rain water and your renewable power source. Send for plans to make your own gas generator or buy a ready made Water Electrolyzer. For plans and information, enclose $1.00 to - HYDROGEN WIND, INC., Lineville, Iowa 50147

EDTA RESTORES SULFATED BATTERIES. EDTA tetrasodium salt, info., catalog, $10/lb. ppd. Trailhead Supply 325 E. 1165 N., Orem, UT 84057 801-225-3931

THE KANIKSU PROJECT-INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY powered by sun, wood, wind & water 20 page Prospectus, maps and gathering invitation-$3 POB 849 Glen Ellen CA 95442

TOLL FREE: 1-800-2-ABRAHAM. 8-8 Sun-Fri. We supply

Home Power #27 • February/March 1QQ2

inverters, reefers, new & used PV's, and all energy items @ COST + 10%! Abraham Solar; Box 957; Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

STOP KILLING BATTERIES, use solar battery chargers. Great prices and wide variety of solar chargers, inverters & more. Dallas Solar Power & more, POB 611927, San Jose, CA 95161

SOLAR VIDEO! "The Complete Guide to Solar" Basic, advanced, and do-it-yourself - VHS cass. - $19.95 Loco - 1925-B Juan Tabo NE, Abq, NM 87112

10KW JACOBS WIND GEN. Used 2 yrs. Includes Sync. Inv. and New Factory Blades in Box. $8000. Energy Headquarters 1045 Barlow-Two Taverns Rd. Gettysburg, Pa. 17325 717-359-7378

PERMANENT MAGNET DC MOTORS, Refrigerator Compressors, York 206, new in box, $45 ea. Make your own ref-freezer. Motors 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 HP 12V 24V 90V 115V new or slightly used $50 ea. 36V 2.5 HP $150 ea. 30 day replacement warranty. Squirrel cage blowers, fan blades to fit these motors $5 ea. Surplus items different manufacturers. We have run a complete recycling company completely from PV power, with many of our surplus motors running 8 yrs. Milling machine, lathe, bank saw, sanders, table saw, drill press, swamp coolers, lighting, and water pumping. Our system produces 2,500 watts per hour, so we are direct power. (No batteries during day light hours!) Our company isn't going on the grid. We have no power bill. Talk to us about retro-fitting your tools! Dave Kalin 505-434-1344. Box 453, La Luz, NM 88337

WANTED DISTRIBUTORS in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America for the most energy efficient D.C. powered ceiling fans available today. For free information packet, fax (509) 684-5286 or write R.C.H. 2173 Rocky Creek Rd. Colville, WA 99114 USA.

EDTA can extend the life of your batteries. 99% pure, MSDS, use instructions and copy of original pkg. included. 500 grams $12.50 ppd. CHINOOK DIST. POB 1516 Idaho Springs, CO 80452-1516.

BEST PRICES Powerstar inv's; Jet Stream ovens; DC-DC conv's run any 12V equip. on 20-56VDC hi eff. Heart HF-300X's $175; 36V SS reg. for Jacobs etc. $75 send for info. We pay ship. HYDE-OUT MOUNTAIN WIND ELECTRIC 89060 NRR Jewett, OH 43986 614-946-6611

RAM WATER PUMPS will raise water over 100 feet, powered by falling water. Build your own from standard pipe sittings, no welding or cutting, cost $77 for all new parts. Plans and inst. $5. Luchenbach Rt 1 Box 393 Ava, MO 65608

WANTED ARCO M53 PV PANEL Must be in very good condition and reasonable. List other items for sale. John Connors 722 Indiana St Ashland OR 97520

FOR SALE JENSEN PUMP JACK size 6.4A32J16 can stroke, 13 in, 16 in, 20 in. Paid $1895.00 (Bought from Solar Jack) Like New-Used only three months. Priced to sell $1250.00 (619)354-1292

BATT CHARGER, 24V, 100 amp continuous; full controls for 3 modes-chg, float, equalize; w/meters & Manual; utility grade, 500lbs; AES, POB 1270, Chase, BC V0E 1M0 604-679-8350

BERGEY WIND GENERATOR 1KW 120VDC $1300, Hydroelectric generator Paul's ES&D high eff turgo drive .5KW 12VDC $350, Waukesha-Kohler 10KW gas generator $1500, International 6 yd bobtail dumptruck and 3-axle equip trailer $5,995. Redding, CA 916-357-5261

QUALITY SOLAR SERVING NW MONTANA AREA. Specializing in remote site electric handling only quality equipment, providing quality service. Sales, site inspections, installation. Call for free estimates. 406-295-5072 - 31923 S. Fork Yaak River, Troy, MT 59935

REMOTE POWER: Waterpowered systems from bare runner for do-it-yourselfer to complete systems AC-DC 1/2KW, 2 meg. Since 1973. Send $14.00 for energy. guide/catalog. Water Power Mach. Co., Box 9723HP, Midland 08, Tex. (915) 697-6955.

PANELS! PANELS, SIEMENS M-75s $325 multiples of 4; OSRAM DULUX-EL 15 & 20 Watt, $18. Bergey, Sun Frost, reasonable prices. BOOTSTRAP ELECTRONICS 501-447-2723

DIESEL ENGINES-4HP and up, from $350 3KW Diesel Gen. set $795 * I.P.S. 3070 Kenneth St., Santa Clara, CA 95054 PH# 408/ 988-1672 * FAX# 408/988-6071

THE OZARK CONNECTION: Rocky Grove Sun Co., Hoxan 48 WATT PV, Box of 4 $295/mod, 1680 AH Telephone Cells, 12V set $430, Powerstar 1300 $750 (thru MAR 15) Complete line of PV,Wind, & Hydro. Design & Installation. RGSC, POB 32, Pettigrew, AR 72752, 501-677-2871.

PARTNER NEEDED to help pursue commercialization of numerous alternative energy inventions & ideas. Could take form of marketing, manufacturing or financing arrangement. Bruce Colley 47 Lafayette Cir #306, Lafayette, CA 94549, 510-686-1788

PV FOR $3.00 WATT! "QUAD-LAMS": A 75 watt array composed of 4 unframed laminates. Peak Power Point (at 50 deg C): PPV: 17, PPI: 4.4 VOC 23, ISC 5.9 Dimensions: 1' X 4' per laminate. (Racks available) Cost: $225 per set FOB Grand Haven. Order now from Harding Energy Systems 826 Washington St. Grand Haven, MI 49417 (616) 847-0989

SHAPE-POWER LINE SINE WAVE FILTER from Photron, model SWF 1000, like new at 1/2 of new price, $375. Supplies 1000 watts of clean sine wave power from any non-sine wave inverter. 619445-7317.

20 ACRE RETREAT, ideal wind/solar site, 12V House, water, trees, wind tower pad, ridge top view of Columbia Gorge/Mt Hood $48500. 509-493-2626

FOR SALE: NEW SunFrost RF-12 Energy Efficient 12VDC Refrigerator-$1495.00. Zomeworks 8 Panel Tracker-Used 1yr, excel. cond.-$750.00. N.C.A. 916-337-6687

SALT SPRING ISLAND, British Columbia high and wide ocean view, alternate energy, 2200 sf home on 86 ac, can be split into two lots $575,000 CDN. Fax 604-652-9225 or phone 604-5375568, Pemberton Holmes, Ganges, BC, V0S 1E0

PASSIVE SOLAR DESIGN SOFTWARE. Displays shadows of overhangs on windows. $45 ppd. Requires DOS and VGA. Free information. 3-D Software, P.O. Box 1373, Poway CA 92074

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