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This ebook teaches you the proven and tested system for making offers on apartment buildings and getting the deal in no time at all! You will control the entire process, and you will learn every detail that you need to clear. You will learn the tips and tricks for working with brokers and how to make sure that the deal falls completely in your favor. Investing in apartment buildings has the potential to be one of the most lucrative businesses that you get in to, because the right building can turning huge amounts of profit without having to spend too much time working for that money. With this ebook, you can get started on the right foot by making sure that you get the deal with plenty of money left to spare. You will cut the deal of a lifetime in 10 minutes or less. It doesn't have to take much time at all to make money! Read more...

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Solar Energy Utilization in Israel

A visitor to Israel will unavoidably notice the urban landscape bursting with solar collectors and hot water storage tanks covering the roofs of buildings. Almost all residences in Israel are equipped with solar water heaters. The most common are the thermosyphonic system, a completely passive, standalone unit consisting of one or two flat plate solar collectors and an insulated storage tank. Large multistory apartment buildings often use a central system with a collector array on the roof and a storage tank in the basement, employing a pump controlled by a differential thermostat. Other arrangements are also available. In most of the country, the solar system will supply the full demand for hot water during 9-10 months per year, with an electric resistance backup employed the rest of the time. Freeze protection is never required, except in some isolated locations. The economics the installed cost of a typical single-family system comprising a 150 l storage tank and 2-3 m2 flat plate...

Spatial energy densities

The spatial density of energy demand within city urban areas typically ranges between 10 and 100 W m2 of land area. It is influenced by population density and average income such that a wealthy suburb of large detached houses with gardens may have a similar energy density (around 10-50 W m2) to a poorer suburb of apartment buildings that accommodate more people per km2 but who use less energy for heating and cooling and own fewer appliances. High-rise building areas might reach energy densities between 500 and 1 000 W m2, industry between 200 and 700 W m2, with energy intensive industries such as steel mills and refineries being above 1 000 W m2.

A The Hydrogeology of New York City

Brooklyn Queens Aquifer

The section of the Baskerville Manhattan map, Bedrock and Engineering Geology Maps of New York County and Parts of Kings and Queens Counties, New York, and Parts of Bergen and Hudson Counties, New Jersey , shown below is for an area north of Central Park. The box on the map indicates an area that is currently being investigated for geothermal potential. An 8 story apartment building with 130 dwelling units is planned for the site. The map indicates that the project site lies over a former swamp or marsh associated with a drainage channel or stream. During drilling of test wells, a productive gravel zone was discovered at the western end of the project site. The gravel was found to be absent less than 75 feet to the east. The presence and absence of the unconsolidated aquifer corresponds very well with the mapping. The mapping also shows a fault zone that crosses Manhattan starting at the Hudson River

Space heating

With good design, careful planning, and common sense, a building can be designed to be comfortable for people to live and work in, under almost any climate by using natural sunlight, shading, ventilation and daylighting together with good design, suitable materials, thermal mass, earth sheltering, and adequate insulation. Passive solar building designs, the orientation of buildings to the daily sunpath and to maintain a natural breeze, and the avoidance of potential shading of a building by new buildings or nearby growing trees can become key issues involving the planning regulations of a city. National and state building code standards also have an impact. While existing apartment buildings, commercial buildings and dwellings cannot be easily modified to improve the solar gain in cold climates (or reduce it in hot climates), new building developments should be designed with these factors in mind. The principles of passive solar design can also be applied, at least in part, when...


Roof of our two story apartment building. The unbreakable panels rest on our awning, allowing easy removal to take to the beach, UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists) information tables, or PV demonstrations and speeches as well as for instant snow removal. The panels on the roof are wired for 12 Volts DC necessitating two 50 foot runs of 10 gauge Romex to the batteries. The section running through the window and to our control system is clad in conduit. A piece of scrap Styrofoam was cut to allow the conduit to pass through the window the window closes onto the foam. The frames of the solar panels are all grounded to an eight foot copper pole sunk into the ground on the side of the apartment. Above Burke on friendly terms with the landlady of their apartment building. The Solarex Lite photovoltaic modules mark the awning of Burke and Ben's apartment in Madison, Wisconsin.

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