The disks have lo be made of steel, not aluminium, plywood or stainless steel, as none of these have the right magnetic properties. Disks can be flame-cut, or sheared in polygonal form with a guillotine, but these days, in the developed world, it is best to have them cut out by a specialist CNC profile cutting machine with a plasma arc, water jet or laser. This is very tidy, and should not be expensive. One advantage is that you can have the mounting holes cut very precisely.

If this is impossible then by all means use oxy-acetylene, and then drill the plates out by placing them on the wheel hub and drilling through the hubs holes. Never attempt to drill the holes by measuring and marking the hole positions. This is never accurate. Drill through the existing holes in the hub, placing a bolt in each hole after you have drilled it,

;'ake care to make the central hole large enough to clear the hub comfortably so that the disk sits flat on the hub flange. In some cases it is best lo fit one disk lo the back of the hub flange, but this is not easy unless the flange has been machined at the back. In some page 26

i jsrs lilt' hub itself ran bereverwdon its shaft, but this has implications for seals and dust trovers.

Prill and lap one of the disks in three places so that you can use jacking screws. See pages 45 and 48 for more assembly details.

Alternator frame

The alternator frame supports the stub shaft that carries the hub, It also supports the stator The frame in turn is supported by the yaw bearing. The centre of the alternator needs to he offset sideways from the

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Renewable Energy 101

Renewable Energy 101

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