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Like many of the residents of this tourist town, I live in a vehicle, a 1970 Dodge school bus. Unlike most, I enjoy the use of power tools, musical equipment, radio and lights thanks to two 85 watt Solavolt modules, an inverter and battery bank. While many people living in buses or motorhomes resort to the use of a generator, the thought of destroying the tranquil silence here with the noise of a generator pains me. After many months of candles and flashlights, I realized that my homemade cabin on wheels would be the perfect test subject for an experiment in solar electricity.

My interest in the project was inspired by the desert itself, where the bright power of the sun is so forcefully felt, even in winter. Keeping in mind my plans to build a more permanent dwelling someday, I began to learn as much as possible about electricity and solar power.

Moab is a town located about two hours from the nearest big city. I soon discovered that I would have to send away by mail for much of the solar equipment. Even items that would be commonplace in some towns, such as wire, were unavailable locally. I collected catalogs, which became my main source of information.

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