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NEW BOWJON WINDMILL water pump system $850. 10KW Swiss Elektro Windmill $4700. 10KW Best Inverter available. (970) 766-2028

STOP POISONING YOUR FAMILY, pets, livestock, home and our fragile environment with the Harsh Chemical laden products you are using!!! YOU Now have the POWER to DO something about it! Start using these Natural, Earth Friendly, Biodegradable and Totally NonToxic products Today! We have an Exciting assortment of Personal care products with pure Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic, pain reliever and healing agent. Skin care products to protect your skin naturally. Health & Nutrition products that provide You with the right nutritional tools for Your body. Concentrated Home Care products to take care of Your everyday cleaning tasks + more! These products really work! The products and their ingredients are Never tested on Earth's Precious Animals. We really enjoy these products and so will You! If we all do a little, together, we can do Alot! Help us make a Big difference for our Fragile Planet! A portion of our Families profits as Independent Associates goes toward Renewable Energy Education! "Keep the Dream!!!" Distributors always welcome. Free catalogue & Distributor Info. The Silver & Bonnie Niewiadomski Family Homestead

Farm, 102 River Drive, Plover, WI 54467, 715-344-0924_

CARRIZO SUPER GOLDS Guaranteed at 105 W. Limited supply that helped powered the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair. Priced to go at $4/Watt. $420 (+ $20 UPS East of Rockies or $25 UPS West of

Rockies). Lake Michigan Wind & Sun 414-837-2267._

GLOBAL BOOKSTORE CARRIES Many Alternative Energy Titles. We stock books on solar & wind energy, hydroelectricity. electric cars, straw bale construction, underground houses etc. Large inventory of over 13,000 titles on Energy, Environment, Engineering, Computers and much more with same day shipment. To receive 375 page book/disk of complete database send $10.00 to: United Techbook, POB 1658, Longmont, CO 80502. State IBM or MAC. To get a free search on any subject or price on any book in print call toll free 1-800247-4808. E-Mail to [email protected] Home page: URL

(ATTENTION) WE HAVE the much in demand Air 303 Land in stock no wait ONE Air Marine in stock first come first serve + Low! Low! Prices on 4000 Sinewave and any other Alternative Energy Need's

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SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEM Kits: Thermosyphon Design— Simple & Reliable— NO pump and controller—Perfect for Remote Homes— Complete Kit including piping, valves, New Stainless Steel 80 gal. Tank, Used 40 sq. ft. copper collector— only $800 + freight & crating

YOUR ALASKAN SOLAR EXPERTS! Complete source for Alaskan alternative power. ABS Alaskan, 2130 Van Horn Road. Fairbanks, AK

99701 907/452-2002, AK 800/478-7145_

WATER PUMPING WINDMILLS for sale. Send $5.00 for catalog. Muller Industries, Incorporated 1102 West 21st St Yankton, S.D. 57078

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

Global warming is a huge problem which will significantly affect every country in the world. Many people all over the world are trying to do whatever they can to help combat the effects of global warming. One of the ways that people can fight global warming is to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources like oil and petroleum based products.

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