Acg Battery Charger

w/ cooling fan

The AC Genius ^

150 & 200 watt continuous power inverters

Tumbler Technologies is proud to announce the new AC Genius line of compact inverters.

Now you can have AC power wherever you need it by simply attaching the AC Genius to 12vDC. 24vDC input models are also available. Now with reverse polarity protection.

The AC Genius inverters have a low-battery warning and shut-off to prevent complete discharge of your car's battery. They also contain an on/off switch which controls the DC input. Thus you can leave the inverter connected to your battery, and simply switch the unit off when not in use. Call now for more information (408) 996-8276

Call for the Dealer nearest you. Dealer Inquires invited. UL Approved models also available.

Enjoy FREE Heat with Solar Energy!

Environmental Solar Systems is the choice for homeowners concerned about their environmental and expense of alternative heat. Our solar panels absorb heat from the sun and distribute it throughout your home quietly with a thermostatically controlled blower. Easy installation and no ductwork means no hidden costs. Simple, quality construction makes Environmental Solar Panels simple to use and maintain. Environmentally-friendly heating alternative you can afford. A single panel priced at $375 heats up to 400 square feet. Customized for an organic food drier.

■ Reduces heating costs. ■ Provides energy independence. ■ Environmentally friendly energy source. ■ Simple maintenance

10-year limited warranty.

Environmental Solar Systems

Solar Energy Builders, Inc.

119 West Street, Methuen, MA01844-1325

(508) 975-1190

Call or write for a free brochure

Solar Power Sensation V2

Solar Power Sensation V2

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