The 7th Canadian Hydrogen Workshop will be held June 4-6, 1995 in Quebec, Canada. Workshop topics are Hydrogen production, usage, storage, safety, environment, fuel cells, and metal hydride rechargable batteries. For more information contact: Canadian Hydrogen Association, 5 King's College Rd, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A4, fax 416-978-0787.

Are you operating a diesel or gas generator with their high fuel and maintenance costs, or just doing without electricity? Have you ever wondered about the energy available in falling water? This course will tell you how to determine the feasibility if a low maintenance water power option — not necessarily nearby. The two day, fourteen hour micro-hydro courses are suitable for everyone, regardless of technical background. The course includes an overview of electricity & energy and terms & concepts. Upon completion, you will be able to assess the potential of your stream or creek to meet your electrical needs. Learn how to size system components, estimate costs, and have some basic installation guidelines. The cost of the two day course is approx. $90 Cnd (approx. $65 US). May 13 & 14, 1995 — Univ College of the Cariboo, Williams Lk, BC V2G 3P7, (604) 392-8043. For more information contact, Bob Mathews, course instructor, at 604-6798589. Field trips and other course dates will be scheduled as demand requires.

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

You can now recondition your old batteries at home and bring them back to 100 percent of their working condition. This guide will enable you to revive All NiCd batteries regardless of brand and battery volt. It will give you the required information on how to re-energize and revive your NiCd batteries through the RVD process, charging method and charging guidelines.

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