Trace 2024 Inverter

TRACE 1512 INVERTER w/battery charger and turbo. Used. Never any problems. $750. Used SCB-30 amp SES charge controller. Works perfectly. Free w/inverter, $25 separate. Sun Selector low voltage disconnect-LVD-8/16, 12 Volt. New. $20. 916-281-6489. 2, 10 KW JACOBS WIND GEN. Includes Sync. Inverters, 1 has New Factory Blades in box. $8000 each, 2 for $14000. Energy Headquarters, 1045 Barlow-Two Taverns Rd., Gettysburg, PA 17325, 717-359-7378

PARTS for $1, resistors $1 a dozen, 2N2222, 2N3906 3 for $1, LEDs 3 for $1, catalog $1, foreign add $1. ZIPFAST Box 12238

Lexington KY 40581-2238_

S.E. ALASKA BUSH? Disabled Vietnam Vet seeks someone to help me finish building my A.E. Business/Home/Shop. Multiple A.E. systems and lots of goodies! Beautiful Remote Location. Need someone(s) ASAP. I'll provide room, board, stipend, transportation once here. Project will last till at least Fall. Write: Paul "Bear" Davis—Alaska Muskeg Power Systems—Whiskey Cove/Box

2119—Wrangell, AK 99929_

WANTED USED MOTOR with or without controller, for EV, VW Rabbit conversion. Ted Keck, PO Box 98, Pillow, PA 17080, 717758-3340_

USED NICKEL IRON 1.2V CELLS 150-800AH @ .05A. New 320 AH cells @ $125. Slightly used M51s $160. Trace U2512 SB inverters $1250. C30A Controllers $78. EO, 1755 Coon Rd, Aspers,

PA 17304, 717-677-6721_

USED 24V/5KW INVERTER SYSTEM—2 Trace 2024 stacked inverters with turbo;12-2V, 1500amphr Trojan batteries; 5Kw Yamaha generator; 3KW Gencharger battery charger; Control Center with Gen Wizzard, Brain, System Monitor Panel and all fused switch boxes; remote monitor panel with generator start switch. Completely automatic system. Everything you need except solar panels! $5500. Several 24V motors, recessed fluorescent lights and ballasts. GARY ROSS 602-749-1513_

SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEM KITS: Thermosyphon Design— Simple & Reliable—No pump or controller—Perfect for Remote Homes—80 gal. Stainless Steel Tank & 40 sq. ft. used copper collector. $800 + Crate + Freight F.O.B. Horizon Industries,

Escondido, CA (800) 564-0403_

BEST PRICED SOLAR CELLS — Various & sizes .45 volt .3 - 3.5 amps. Ideal for school projects or for building your own panels. Small .45 volt project motors — Great demonstrator for running off cells $2.50 ea. SOLAREX GUIDE includes detailed info on the making & uses of solar cells & panels $5. Solar battery chargers — charges 2-4 AA Ni Cds in 6 hours of sun, 12 volt, 70mA $12.95. We specialize in small size, low cost panels. Call or write to: Tropico

Solar, POB 417-HP, Big Pine Key, FL 33043, 305-872-3976_

GENERATORS, CHINESE DIESEL, water cooled, electric start. 5KWto 25KW, Industrial grade. Prices start at $1995 Complete, PARTS: Large supply of parts for most Chinese Diesel Engines. CHINA FARM MACHINERY CO. Tel (909) 657-0379 Fax (909) 6578120_

COMPOST HAPPENS — Faster and Easier with the TumbleBug. The original rolling Composter. Call 1-800-882-0387 For Free Info. TRACE — INVERTER U2624SB 24V, 2600W. Built-in volt meter & battery charger. Like New $1200 or OBO. For info leave message —

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

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