B.7 Woodchip biomass will be used in the new plant. 70% of the woodchip needed will be obtained from forests surrounding the city and within the East Midland region. The other 30% will be collected from the city centre where 5,000 tons of municipal arisings are generated each year and stockpiled on Council land. The plan is for local farmers to collect the arisings and chip them for use in the biomass plant. 70% of these municipal materials will be unsuitable for energy uses and will be composted by the farmers, the other 30% will be delivered back to the biomass plant for fuel. This will save the council £15 a tonne in landfill charges and will provide an income stream for farmers. The farmers involved in this scheme will be collecting the rest of the wood from forests and woodland around Leicestershire and within the East Midlands. It is anticipated that sufficient fuel can be sourced within a 10-mile radius of Leicestershire, which will keep transport distances to a minimum.

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