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Following an invitation by John Bedini, I went with him to Los Angeles immediately after the Colorado Springs Tesla Symposium on 10-12 August 1984. We had two days together to work on the Kromrey Converter and the Tesla Switching Device.

One thing came out very clearly: every time when we locked into the "free energy" all commonly known physical laws are no longer valid. The things happening react directly opposite to what one would expect. Specifically the more we loaded a specific circuit, the more output energy we gained, while using a constant input energy level. I will come back to this effect later, when I describe the experiments in more details.

At this point I want to take the opportunity and thank John Bedini and his lovely wife for their hospitality and assistance. It takes persons like John to get the "free energy" rolling. Without his publication [1] of the detailed plans for his free energy device, we would definitely not have seen the free energy devices demonstrated during the Tesla Symposium.

Also many thanks to Tom Bearden, who took his time and explained the results of the tests performed on 13-14 August 1984. His comments are contained in the concluding chapter of this report.

Kromrey Converter

John Bedini found that the material generally available concerning Kromrey's Converter had been altered. Rebuilding the Kromrey Converter from the patent papers ended up in a non-functioning device. Bedini found the necessary modifications which made this machine perform.

Our first goal was to determine the converter's efficiency. We found this to be quite difficult as the efficiency changes with the load applied.

FIGURE K-l shows the first setup we used. We drove the Kromrey Converter from a 12 V motorcycle battery. We ccnnected at the output of the converter a condenser and and a rectifier bridge in parallel. The rectified current was then put back into the motorcycle battery. To detect any current flow, we connect into the positive line a 12 V light bulb.

The result of this test was that the light bulb was lit up. However, after 15 minutes the battery voltage had dropped from 11.05 V to 9.10 V. The speed of the converter was stable at 1020 rpm.

[1] "Bedini's Free Energy Generator" by Jchn Bedini, Tesla Book Company, Millbrae, California 1984

Kromrey Converter


In the next test we introduced a seperate battery (BATTERY #2) fo charging from the converter.

We recharged the battery #2 from 12.30 V tc 12.40 V within 4 minutes and we measured a current into battery #2 of 0..8 amperes.

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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