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Now lets take a look at another method we have discovered to be a very good way to step up voltage and if it is done right you will not lose any amperage at all but will gain voltage as well as amperage by pulsing very large HV coils.

For an example: lets use an old Microwave oven transformer, Disconnect the small secondary wire from the iron core, Do not leave this connected. For some reason the manufactures connect one lead of the secondary wire to the iron core??

Now you want to pulse the primary with DC voltages, lets first try a voltage of 90 volts using 10 - 9 volt batteries connected in series. Now connect a 2000 volt diode to the negative wire that you are going to pulse with front E.M.F and a 2000 volt Capacitor, mylar, aluminum type non-polarized. This set up will collect the back E.M.F as you pulse the front E.M.F very quickly. Example simply switch on and off the negative front E.M.F power going into the secondary coil. ( Not sure which one is the secondary? The secondary will have the smallest guage wire with the most number of turns than the primary would be.

Of course you can pulse just 9 volts if you like to test the unit, but higher voltages work better. Adjust the dc input voltage to the desired amount to get the output voltage that you want. Use the proper rated capacitor and diode with the desired output voltage, output volts should be 10 times what the input voltage will be. The capacitor stack's the voltage inside of itself, therefor stepping up the voltage within itself. ( Patent Pending / Copyright 2002 - 2004

High Voltage Microwave Transformer ( Amperage Hog! )

Back Emf Free Energy

DC Pulse high Output Voltage

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