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Music The Chakras And The Energy Field

Since Valerie Hunt's work puts the Chakra frequencies within the tonal range of music, I suppose one might see a link between the two. Perhaps one finds music uplifting because it keys in certain Chakra energies. Anyway I thought the matter worth further study, since I had now developed a practical means of pinpointing what these frequencies were. It came as some surprise to find, that in the earlier part of this century there were four tonal scales being used Compare this with the Chakra Scale as described by Valerie Hunt - Base Chakra 200 Sacral Chakra 300 Spleen Chakra 400 Stomach Chakra 500, Heart Thymus Chakra 600 Throat Chakra 700 Brow Chakra 800 Crown Chakra 1000. This is fairly obviously a scale with scientific appeal, since it uses powers of 2. It takes into account the muscle frequencies at the lower end of the range, which finish around 250Hz and the thousand-petalled Lotus at the Crown Chakra, a thousand times as fast as a heartbeat. True it is only a six-note scale, but...

Vortices And Chaos Theory

Strangely enough this can be expressed in terms of the behavior of chaotic systems. The different frequencies of rotation of the vortices of the successive Chakras from Crown to Base follow a pattern of 'period doubling', as reflected in the frequency spectrum and the colors in the aura. The wiping out of the peaks in the energy field spectrum can be seen as one becomes more aroused, while a calmer state of mind produces rounded peaks, presumably reflecting a more balanced area of interest and ability.

Further Notes On Research

When attending a lecture on Yoga at a weekend seminar, the speaker produced a diagram of the Chakras as seen from a side view. This is reproduced in the diagram on the next page. It will be seen that each Chakra consists of a vortex and that the five middle ones runs from front to back of the body. It will be apparent that, when a person is facing the source of Pranic energy, it passes directly into each of these Chakra vortices and is thus enhanced. The Crown and Base Chakras are in the vertical plane. The source of this Pranic energy is what I have presumed to be the Solar Wind (or aether wind), that whistles around the surface of the earth from East to West, at 400 mph at these latitudes, as the earth rotates relative to it, the aether being fixed in the direction of the Sun. Another friend was just out of hospital having had a prostate operation when he was tested at his home in Devon. The third of his four energy peaks was very much lower than the rest. This had been noted before...

Using The Bilateral Psychogalvanometer

The fact that movement of the subject's attention to different parts of the body could cause selective arousal of a particular part of the cerebral cortex and a localised change in body resistance is reminiscent of the intuitive Yogic practice of instructing a pupil to focus attention on the particular Chakras, or energy centres in the body, the stomach, spleen, heart, throat, brow and crown. They will have no difficulty in identifying such frequencies as the successive centres of the Chakras, or vortices by which energy is transmitted from the aether to maintain the human body. The tiny electrical effects are merely the correlate of a much greater force which otherwise exists in a medium beyond the limits of our normal physical world.

Detecting The Human Energy Field

It should be explained that electrical activity in the human body consists of ionic pulses that travel along the nerve fibers. The pulses activate the muscles and the strength of the reaction depends upon the frequency at which the pulses are passed. The highest pulse frequency in the motor nerves leading to the muscles is around 250 per second. Sharp pulses like this have higher frequency components, which follow a distinct pattern as determined by what is called 'Fourier Analysis'. Valerie Hunt was therefore able to filter out the muscle signal frequencies and their higher frequency components, and after doing this was left with smaller signals in the frequency range between 100 and 1600 cps that did not seem to emanate from the heart, muscles or brain. These signals seemed, in fact, to come from centres in the body called Chakras, as defined in ancient Hindu teachings. TO COLOURS OF THE AURA AND THE CHAKRAS Chakra

Free Download Of Human Energy Field

The Chakra system described by Indian mystics from early times provided the only model for the means by which energy could be transformed from a non-physical source to influence a living, physical organism. The Chakras were pictured as vortices, spinning at immense speed, that speed of rotation was what enabled the power of the aether to operate on physical matter. See - The Chakras - Hiroshi Motoyama (1995).

Yoga Practices And The Human Energy Field

A parallel study of the effects of meditation and Yoga techniques upon different centres of the body has been carried out by Hiroshi Motoyama (1981). Changes in the galvanic skin resistance of the body, heart rate, breathing rate and ECG were measured simultaneously in an electrically screened room, while the subjects were concentrating upon different centres in the body. His conclusions were that a form of Psi energy existed, which could be made to increase or decrease the normal activity of the various Chakra centers. The decrease in normal electrical activity as a consequence of mental attention was remarkable. It would seem that centers like the stomach and heart have a smooth, natural rhythm. Meditative practices should only seek to maintain such natural rhythms. If anything out of the normal is attempted, then digestive troubles and heart arrhythmia can result. Overuse and abuse of the heart chakra can lead to disease and death. Reference. Hiroshi Motoyama - 1995 Theories of the...

Geometry And Harmony

Supposing the circle covered two Octaves, as in the 'Chakra Scale', the 3,4,5 sector sequence would have frequencies of 352, 640 and 256, in the ratios 5,9,4, a big leap in the middle would make the sound quite extraordinary. Pursuing the Chaos dynamics in relation to fluids, for our bodies are 95 water. D'Arcy Thompson (1961) had an intuition that there were deep seated rhythms of growth in living organisms which created universal forms. He believed that physical laws must explain and govern these forms. Behind the visible shapes of organisms must lie ghostly forms, serving as invisible templates. All these forms were in organized patterns of motion derived from fractal equations. Libchaber pursued such ideas in connection with the behavior of liquid Helium, which has a very low viscosity, so it will respond to the slightest pressure or temperature change, less than one thousandth of a degree in fact. He embedded microscopic temperature probes in the fluid and charted the intricate...

Laptop Computer

Some weeks later, having acquired a Laptop computer, it was now able to carry out the critical test of seeing whether the energy field disappeared when the body was completely screened from random electromagnetic fields. The field generated by the laptop is insignificant, so it was only necessary to immerse oneself in the bath. Plots were taken before and during the bath, by placing a wooden shelf across the bath. The difference was that the immersion of the body in water caused all the low frequency peaks, due to muscle potentials, up to 250 Hz to disappear, as one might have expected. But the Chakra frequencies from 600 Hz upwards remained.

The Reiki Initiation

The author had the good fortune to be able to take a Reiki Initiation, staged over a weekend by Audrey Edwards at Bisley. There were six on the course and each was attuned four times. Fortunately a graph had been taken of my energy field just before the course. On the day afterwards another graph was taken and the change was astonishing. It seemed the whole energy field had shifted and there was an enormous peak in the Psychic region which was not there before, since I do not regard myself as a psychic person, nor a healer. I was tempted to believe that there is more to Reiki than has been supposed it seems to produce a profound change in Chakra energisation. One could in fact be opened up to the reception of the Ki or Chi energy for the purpose of transmuting it, or acting as a channel for such energy as part of the process of healing. The Reiki teaching suggests that the initiation should be followed by a period of 21 days re-adjustment, during which signs of a detoxification...

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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