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Sunstore Solar Full service solar systems integrator, serving Carolinas & Georgia for 30 years. Proud to serve the community by providing the highest quality product and excellent customer service. Provide all services needed from consultation/design to installation on all types of Solar Systems. 3090 South Hwy 14, Greer, SC 29650 864-297-6776, www.sunstoresolar.com, [email protected]


LightWave Solar Electric, LLC provides design, consultation, and installation of solar electric systems throughout TN and southern KY. We are NABCEP certified, a licensed electrical contractor, and the leading PV Installer in the Nashville area. Quality installations of sustainable, renewable, PV systems. Visit us at www.lightwavesolarelectric.com or call (615) 941-4786


Alternative Power Systems, Inc. is Southern Utah's premier Designer & Installer of renewable energy systems. We provide design, sales, installation & service of Solar Power, Solar Hot Water, Wind & Back-up Generators. We are the region's only NABCEP certified. We are insured & licensed in Utah #6259909-5501 And Nevada #0068796. Compare our prices. www.apssolar.com 435-586-9181


Independent Power LLC Serving Northern Vermont and New Hampshire with PV and SDHW design, sales and installation. NABCEP certified owner David Palumbo has built over 300 off-grid and grid tied systems since 1988. Outback Certified Dealer. 462 Solar Way Drive, Hyde Park, VT 05655 1-802-888-7194 www.independentpowerllc.com[email protected]


Dunimis Technology Inc. Providing alternative energy systems since 1992. We specialize in the more demanding off-grid as well as grid-tie solar power systems for up-scale homes and institutions. Please visit our new retail energy store and solar equipment center located halfway between Charlottesville and Richmond. For directions call 804-457-9566, pvforyou.com, [email protected]


SolarWind Energy Systems, LLC P.O. Box 1234, Okanogan, WA 98840 509-422-5309 www.solar-wind.us WA Cont. # SOLARES983RQ. Serving Eastern WA & Northern ID grid-tied & off-grid RE systems. Solar PV, wind, solar hot water, remote stock watering. Design, installation, service, maint. Solar Energy International (SEI) trained. Lic. & bonded. [email protected] or [email protected]

Trinity Electrical Contractors Corp. A full service licensed electrical contractor specializing in PV and Wind system design and installs. Serving all of Central Oregon. We are proud to be an Energy trust of Oregon Trade Ally. Call 541-923-0556 or visit us at www.trinityelectric.org


Belmont Solar A full service licensed solar contractor specializing in PV and solar hot water. Complete design and installation services. Located in Lancaster County PA. Servicing 9mfaronf " PA, MD, DE & NJ. Visit: www.belmontsolar.com call: 717-768-$0*9*7796 Where quality workmanship comes standard.

South Carolina

Argand Energy Solutions is an experienced, fullservice provider of solar PV, solar hot water, solar pool ju heating, and wind system design and installation, serving

^vJe. residential, commercial, and government customers in NC,

SC, GA, southeast; licensed and insured, for more information visit www.argandenergy.com or call (704) 583-9295, [email protected].

Western Solar Inc., designs & installs solar electric, solar hot water, solar space heating & wind power systems for residential & commercial clients throughout Washington. Renewable energy will save you money, add value to your home or business, & reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 360746-0859, www.westernwashingtonsolar.com, email:[email protected] westernsolarinc.com


Creative Energies Powerful solutions for your energy needs. NABCEP certified, electrical contractor. Sunpower dealer. All major brands. Consulting, design, sales, & installation for commercial & residential projects. Specialize in photovoltaic & small wind systems both on & off grid. Let us custom-design a system that meets your needs & budget. 866-332-3410 [email protected]www.creativeenergies.biz

SunPower Energy Casper, WY. Design, installation & service to comply with regulatory requirements. Grid-tied & off-grid systems. Solar electric & hot water, wind turbines. Authorized dealer for Sanyo & Day4 panels, Fronius & Outback inverters, Southwest Windpower & Skystream wind turbines, Surrette batteries. Financing available. 307-262-4647; fax 307-235-2525 • [email protected].

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Back IPa

Back IPa

Reading a Battery Monitor

A battery monitor is an important tool in a battery-based renewable energy system. Serving primarily as a "fuel gauge" for your battery, a monitor can also help with system troubleshooting and analysis of energy production and consumption. Equally important as the monitor itself is the ability to interpret the data displayed to maintain battery longevity and trouble-free system operation. The following are common readings displayed on most battery monitors.

Volts represent the electrical "pressure" or potential within the batteries. It is an instantaneous and constantly changing value that is affected by both charge and discharge. Voltage can be used to help estimate battery state of charge (SOC), though using amp-hours to calculate SOC is more accurate. Voltage can be used as an indicator of battery health. For example, if at-rest voltage is low but the SOC shows full, it's likely that the batteries have lost some capacity.

Bogart Engineering's TriMetric meter displaying battery voltage.

Amps represent the net flow of electrons into and out of the battery bank. Measured by the shunt, this amount is constantly in flux as the battery is charged and discharged. A meter displaying -1.2 A suggests that there is either no incoming charging current and only outgoing discharge current (as shown, above right), or that loads that are on are consuming more power than the output of the charging source. To accurately measure only the charging source or a load, the other variable must be shut off or an additional meter can be used.

Amp-Hours from Full (Example: -13 Ah)

The amp-hours from full feature (a.k.a. Ah consumed) is essentially the inverse of SOC, keeping track of the net Ah that have been removed from the batteries. If the monitor displays -13 Ah (as shown, above right), you know that your batteries are 13 Ah short of being fully charged.

OutBack's FlexNet DC meter allows users to check battery status through a series of displays.

Also referred to as SOC, "battery % full" keeps track of the net of both energy deposits and withdrawals. This function displays the battery bank balance as a percentage—graphically or numerically—and represents the ratio of energy remaining in the batteries to total battery capacity. For example, a 75.9% reading on an 800 Ah battery bank means there are 607 Ah remaining. Having that much left might provide enough energy to vacuum the house and still keepthe bank above the preferred minimum depth of discharge to ensure a long life span for your batteries.

Xantrex's LinkLite meter, displaying battery state of charge as a percentage and a bar graph.


DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

You can now recondition your old batteries at home and bring them back to 100 percent of their working condition. This guide will enable you to revive All NiCd batteries regardless of brand and battery volt. It will give you the required information on how to re-energize and revive your NiCd batteries through the RVD process, charging method and charging guidelines.

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