Sei Renewable Energy Workshops

-PV Design & Installation

-Advanced PV-Design Criteria & NEC

-Grid-tied Photovoltaics

-Women's PV Design & Installation

-PV Lab Week

-Solar Hot Water

-Building for the Future

-Intro to Straw Bale Construction

-Strawbale Construction & Plasters

-R.E. for the Developing World -Solar Water Pumping -Micro Hydro -Residential Wind Power -Home Built Wind Generators -Wind Electric Systems Maintenance -Electric Car Conversions -R.E. for Educators

Upcoming Featured Workshops • •••••••••••

Solar Hot Water

Fontana, CA: Feb. 18-20 Guemes Island, WA: Mar. 30- Apr. 2

Appropriate Technology for the Developing World

Chiapas, Mexico: April 19- 25

Building for the Future Online

^Workshop Schedule Available Online


Building for the Future PV Design

Advanced PV: Design & NEC

Feb. 23 - Apr. 5

Mar. 16 - Apr. 26

Mar. 23 - May. 3

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