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Combine the safety of U.L. listed components with the technological power of OmniMeter. Add super heavy duty design and you get a better renewable energy power center.

These are OUR basic features. Compare against ANY other power center.

V 200 amp inverter circuit.

V 100 amp charge control.

V Full microprocessor supervision.

V All U.L. listed power carrying components.

V Includes six circuit breakers.

V No "idiot lights". Get real information in plain English.

V Includes full metering of amp-hours, KW-hours, amps, volts, 4 channel data logging and much more.

V 100% digital, no trimpots, no guessing!

V 100°% complete, nothing extra to buy!

V To calibrate or adjust other power centers you need a voltmeter, screwdrivers, an instruction manual and technical skill. If you can operate a microwave oven, you can custom adjust ANY part of Infinity - 6, all from the digital front panel!

Call for free color brochure or the dealer nearest you. More power center...less money!

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Made in USA

Sun Selector™

3701 Murdoch Ave., Parkersburg, WV 26101 USA (304) 485-7150 (304) 422-3931 FAX

HOMEPOWR on the Internet:

Newsgroup, Archives and Mailing-List

Don Kulha

©1994 Don Kulha

For three years a wide-area conference named HOMEPOWR on renewable and home-scale energy systems has been offered on the FidoNet™ computer bulletin board system (BBS) network. HOMEPOWR promotes discussion of alternative energy and it's use. This conference has been quite successful and is carried by over 180 computer BBS systems in the U.S., Canada and Australia. It is also downlinked to BBS systems across North America via satellite by the "Planet Connect" system. As great as all this is, there are still many people around the world who would benefit from this information and who can't link in.

In order to bring about global discussion of renewable energy we've formed a new USENET newsgroup on the Internet, "". The Internet is a global network via which over 20 million people can exchange messages, mail, and files. The current HOMEPOWR conference will be merged or "gated" to this new Internet conference. It is available now at many news sites. It may be necessary to ask the administrator at the Internet site you access to carry it.

An alternative means of participation is via the newsgroup almanac or "mailing-list". If you send a message to the almanac server and subscribe to the almanac copies of all messages posted to it will be forwarded to your Internet mail address. In turn messages you send to the almanac will be posted to the newsgroup and copies sent to all almanac subscribers.

To subscribe, send an email message to: [email protected] On the very first line of the body of your message type (all lower case) "subscribe renew-energy" (don't use the quotation marks). Once you are subscribed, the almanac server will send you mail once a day containing any new messages posted to the conference. Once subscribed, you can post new messages by sending them to "[email protected]".

All messages posted to the newsgroup will be archived and stored at "" and are available via gopher, telnet or FTP in the directory: " pub/academic/environment/alternative-energy/energy-resources/discussion-groups/newsgroups/ renewable". We have also placed back issues of Home Power Magazine there as well as many other energy related files. The Sunsite archives contain a wealth of information on many subjects including environmental and sustainability issues.

We're doing our best to make this information and these conduits of communication readily accessible to the global community. By doing so we leverage and increase its value enormously. We look forward to seeing you on the net and together working to build a more sustainable and appropriate energy future.

Many thanks to the folks who have helped us bring this project to life: the Home Power Crew for their inspiration, support, and the great information they have shared; to Lawrence London who helped get the new newsgroup launched on the Internet, made arrangements for the almanac server and has posted the information we've sent him to the archives at sunSITE; to Michael Welch at Home Power BBS; and to the administrators of the sunSITE system at the University of North Carolina for providing access to and space for the file archives. Finally our thanks to the many participants of the HOMEPOWR conference who have shared our vision and helped us grow a vital online forum.


Author: Don Kulha, HOMEPOWR Moderator, Sonoma Online BBS @ (707)545.0746 (4 lines, 24 hrs @ V.32bis) or via the Internet: [email protected]

Lawrence London ([email protected]) for questions regarding the almanac mailing list and file archives at sunSITE

Home Power BBS @ (707)822.8640 (2 lines, 24 hrs @ V.32bis)

Solec full page black and white bleed on negative carryover from HP#41

this is page 15

Renewable energy needs your input!

Please fill out this survey and mail it in!

Home Power is conducting a survey about energy satisfaction. We are interested in how you get your energy and how satisfied you are with your energy sources. We are also interested in how you view the future of renewable energy.

Please note that the energy consumption figures in this survey are expressed in kilo-Watt-hours per day. If you buy your power from a utility, then this information is printed on your power bill as KWh per month, so divide by 30. If you live on renewable energy, then we understand how difficult it is to measure power consumption, so please provide us with your best estimate.

The back side of the survey form asks you to rate your preferences about the future ownership of renewable energy.

We will tabulate this data and report on the survey in the October / November 1994 issue of Home Power (HP#43). Your name and street address is not required, but please include your zip code (inside USA) or country (outside USA). The information gathered in this survey will not be sold, but provided free of charge to all who are interested. This survey is not connected with, or paid for by, any utility or utility group.

We at Home Power have some very definite ideas about "who owns the sun", and we would like to know your opinions. Thanks for making your voice heard, and for helping out.

Richard Perez for the Home Power Crew

AAA Solar full page black and white camera ready this is page 17

7.75 inches wide 10.0 inches high

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