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Book Reviews, World Wildlife Fund Atlas of The

Environment, 21-85 Book Reviews, architecture, Resource Efficient

Housing (directory), 26-77 Book Reviews, conservation, The Fuel Savers, 2577

Book Reviews, cookbook, solar cooking, 37-109 Book Reviews, electric vehicles, Bob Brant's "Build

Your Own Electric Vehicle", 41-54 Book Reviews, electric vehicles, Convert It by Mike

Brown with Shari Prange, 40-64 Book Reviews, generators, The Homebuilt

Dynamo, 32-86 Book Reviews, greenhouses, The Hydroponic Hot

House, 28-76 Business, building a home business plan, 35-89 Business, career in RE, how to start, 26-36 Business, home business basics, 34-87 Business, profile of Solar Pathfinder, 26-40 Business, book review, The Incredible Secret

Money Machine, 17-51 Business, PV system, Home Power, 400 Wp, 12 LA, 16-7

Code Corner, and inspector, 33-76

Code Corner, conductors, 31-74

Code Corner, SWRES Research, 13-42

Code Corner, grounding, basics, 18-26

Code Corner, grounding, how to, 28-46

Code Corner, grounding, inverter grounding, 30-64

Code Corner, grounding, inverter grounding, 34-85

Code Corner, grounding, why ground, 27-47

Code Corner, NEC, disconnects, 19-42

Code Corner, NEC, disconnects, 21-53

Code Corner, NEC, grounding/isolation, 25-65

Code Corner, NEC, grounding/overcurrent protection/fuses, 16-31 Code Corner, NEC, history, relevance to PV, 20-54 Code Corner, NEC, law, relation to, 23-74 Code Corner, NEC, load circuits/wiring, 22-68

Code Corner, NEC/safety, and PV- powered pumping, 26-57 Code Corner, safety, surge and lightning protection, 32-68 Communications, computer, Home Power

BBS/how to use, 39-40 Computers, ac powered, efficient, 21-45 Computers, low power, 20-44 Computers, low voltage, 19-37 Computers, PC Solar IBM daylighting simulator software (TtW!), 29-68 Computers, renewable energy bulletin boards, 2760

Computers, communications, Home Power

BBS/how to use, 39-40 Computers, homebrew, Commodore 64, 12 Volt regulator, 23-71 Computers, inverters, how computers/printers run on mod sinewaves, 40-32 Computers, Portable system, PV charging/ small computer or radio, 38-32 Computers, printers, Apple LaserWriter II NT, 15-41 Computers, printers, Hewlett-Packard DeskWriter, 14-35

Computers, printers, Seikosha SP-1000AP, 16-52 Conservation, appliances, finding phantom loads, 14-13

Conservation, in the city, 22-11 Conservation, book review, The Fuel Savers, 2577

Controls, for hydroelectric systems, 13-35 Controls, maximum power point tracking, 29-34 Controls, alternator, build 12 VDC

engine/generator w/ field controller (homebrew), 2-23

Controls, DC to DC converter, Vanner Voltmaster

(TtW!), 33-84 Controls, electric fence charger, programmable pulse generator (homebrew), 21-78 Controls, homebrew, Renavair control panel, w/ 24

Volt Mark VI field controller, 22-73 Controls, homebrew, switch, voltage controlled, 1650

Controls, homebrew, timer for loads, ac to DC

conversion, 16-49 Controls, homebrew, voltage sensing switch, 33-80 Controls, linear current booster, basics, using, 6-12 Controls, linear current booster, Bobier's LCB 40

(TtW!), 29-53 Controls, linear current booster, LCB 3-4-8 for

Water Pumping (TtW!), 12-19 Controls, regulator, Backwoods Solar's PV

controller (TtW!), 7-34 Controls, regulator, Enermaxer voltage regulator, 7-19

Controls, regulator, Heliotrope CC-20 charge controller (TtW!), 13-36 Controls, regulator, Heliotrope CC-60 charge controller (TtW!), 8-31 Controls, regulator, PV direct regulator

(homebrew), 32-46 Controls, regulator, shunt regulator (homebrew), 18-46

Controls, regulator, SunAmp Power Co's PV

regulator (TtW!), 19-48 Dr. Klüge, basic electricity, terms and laws, 31-78 Dr. Klüge, induction and magnetism, 35-77 Dr. Klüge, resistors and diodes, 32-62 Dr. Klüge, basic electronics, how transformers and

LCBs work, 37-40 Dr. Klüge, electricity, rms voltage, 32-50 Dr. Klüge, electricity, timers and FETs, description of, 34-70

Dr. Klüge, electricity, transistors, intro to, 33-32 Editorial, changing printers, paper, 35-18 Editorial, consumer's guide, an RE parable, 31-81

Editorial, energy conservation, 9-34 Editorial, freedom offered by RE, 22-35 Editorial, greenhouse effect and PVs, 10-14 Editorial, IPP introduces themselves, 38-94 Editorial, Lunatic Fringe, 25-6 Editorial, photon's trip to earth, 25-68 Editorial, alternatives, RE a solution to utilities dilemma, 20-46 Editorial, Conference, REDI Conference 1993, 3778

Editorial, electric vehicles, introduction of

GoPower, 37-50 Editorial, etiquette, Good Manners, 31-36 Editorial, EVs, the future of EVs, 38-49 Editorial, future, musings on utilities, hydrogen, 2928

Editorial, IPP, association & SCE update, 39-90 Editorial, IPP, CPUC &SCE update, 41-94 Editorial, IPP, update, 40-107 Editorial, magazine mechanics, recycled paper, author data, computer nerd stuff, 38-82 Editorial, ownership of power, the utilities involvement in solar energy, 37-4 Editorial, PV, industry, state of, 18-15 Editorial, PVs, perks of using PVs, 2-6 Editorial, Solar, perspective, 4-35 Editorial, spoof, Doktor Data explains sunshine, 3458

Editorial, utilities, utilities and the off-grid PV

market, 37-91 Education, CMC, 3-20

Education, Int'l Development Program at HSU, 4178

Education, Back to Basics, renewable energy education sources, 30-72 Education, electric vehicles, building a high school electrathon racer, 40-58 Education, kids, Kid's Corner intro, 26-50 Education, kids, Kid's Corner: solar , 31-86 Education, kids, Kid's Corner: solar experiments, 28-70

Education, kids, Kid's Corner: solar oven designs, 27-74

Education, kids, Kid's Corner: solar oven designs, 30-74

Education, kids, Kid's Corner: solar, wind, solid waste, 29-74 Education, kids, planetary citizens, amateur radio, 5-5

Education, kids, PV, batteries, loads (teaching plan, part 2) , 15-5 Education, kids, PV, Boy Scouts, Amateur radio, 32-71

Education, kids, solar battery charging (teaching plan, part 1), 16-14 Education, PV, SEI workshop, 10-20 Education, RE, , 11-21 Education, RETSIE, , 6-18

Education, SEI (formerly ATA), PV for practitioners workshop, 13-12 Education, SERI, news on efficient PVs, wind, vacuum insulation, 13-31 Efficiency, energy, appliances that are always on, 37-46

Efficiency, lighting, retrofit of school w/fluorescents, 32-38

Electric vehicles, building a solar vehicle, 14-30 Electric vehicles, education, Jordan Energy

Institute, 21-32 Electric vehicles, EV crash tests, 40-50 Electric vehicles, EVs in Europe & renting an EV in

Geneva, 38-64 Electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, 8-5 Electric vehicles, hybrid solar electric/ natural gas prototype, 31-108

Electric vehicles, parts, access data, 19-54 Electric vehicles, performance testing 1992

American Tour de Sol, 34-62 Electric vehicles, reasons for owning, 18-11 Electric vehicles, batteries, EV fueling techniques, 36-57

Electric vehicles, boat, solar powered, 26-30 Electric vehicles, boats, powering boats with electricity, 37-70 Electric vehicles, book review, Bob Brant's "Build

Your Own Electric Vehicle", 41-54 Electric vehicles, book review, Convert It by Mike

Brown with Shari Prange, 40-64 Electric vehicles, conversion, adaptors, 34-40 Electric vehicles, conversion, battery chargers, explanation & shopping for, 40-66 Electric vehicles, conversion, battery containment

& placement, 36-52 Electric vehicles, conversion, choosing a car for, 31-32

Electric vehicles, conversion, EV power accessories/options, 41-56 Electric vehicles, conversion, instrumentation/gauges for the working EV, 3958

Electric vehicles, conversion, Kawasaki 2WD to electric, 41-46 Electric vehicles, conversion, motors, types and tips, 33-38

Electric vehicles, conversion, overview of suitable batteries, 35-50 Electric vehicles, conversion, safety disconnects, circuit breakers, fuses, 38-60 Electric vehicles, conversion, speed control in electric vehicles, 37-74 Electric vehicles, conversion, what to save, what to scrap, 32-48 Electric vehicles, design, experiences designing &

racing EVs, 40-54 Electric vehicles, editorial, towards an EV future, 29-31

Electric vehicles, education, building a high school electrathon racer, 40-58 Electric vehicles, efficiency, energy consumption in

ZEVs and HEVs, 37-57 Electric vehicles, electric boats, 2nd Annual Spada

Lake electric & solar boat race, 39-48 Electric vehicles, environment, auto emission pollution, 18-9 Electric vehicles, fuel cell/hydrogen, intro to, 23-16 Electric vehicles, homebrew, build a solar powered vehicle, 14-27 Electric vehicles, homebrew, frames, 15-42 Electric vehicles, homebrew, regenerative braking, 38-52

Electric vehicles, homebrew, simple, easy to build motor controllers/relays, 39-53 Electric vehicles, homebrew, solar powered dune buggy, 34-20 Electric vehicles, overview, hybrid electric vehicle, 9-13

Electric vehicles, PV panel design, construction of a PV module to power a race car, 37-52 Electric vehicles, race, solar electric boats, 32-18 Electric vehicles, racing, 1991 American Tour de

Sol, 24-35 Electric vehicles, racer, design/development/competition open class racer, 39-44 Electric vehicles, races, '92 Phoenix Solar and

Electric 500, 30-16 Electric vehicles, races, 1990 American Tour de Sol, 18-7

Electric vehicles, races, 1991 Solar & Electric 500, 23-66

Electric vehicles, races, safety in, 30-22

Electric vehicles, races, World Solar Challenge,

Australia 1990, 21-29 Electric vehicles, racing, high rate recharge in racing, 33-109 Electric vehicles, racing, high school electrathon competition at JEI, 41-50 Electric vehicles, racing, new speed records & old

EV frames, 41-44

Electric vehicles, ultralight aircraft, solar powered flight, 19-6

Electric vehicles, ultralight aircraft, solar vs. other aircraft, energy comparison, 19-8 Electric vehicles, video review, EVs & Hydrogen, 27-78

Electricity, cartoon describing amps and volts, 2567

Electricity, history of, ac vs. DC, 8-21 Electricity, multimeter and Ohm's law, 16-46 Electricity, Ohm's law applications, 4-33 Electricity, Ohm's law, definition, 3-40 Electricity, resistors and diodes, 32-62 Electricity, shunts, using to measure current, Cu shunt table, 6-35 Electricity, terms: amps, volts, watts, watt-hours, amp-hours, 1-35 Electricity, Back to Basics, definition of electrical terms, 29-72 Electricity, basic, schematics, how to read, 5-35 Electricity, basic electronics, how transformers and

LCBs work, 37-40 Electricity, basics, low voltage wiring techniques, sizing, 2-33 Electricity, DC/PV/wiring, sizing, tables, 18-31 Electricity, Dr Kluge, induction and magnetism, 3577

Electricity, Dr Kluge, rms voltage, 32-50 Electricity, Dr Kluge, terms and laws, 31-78 Electricity, Dr Kluge, timers and FETs, description of, 34-70

Electricity, Dr Kluge, transistors, intro to, 33-32 Electricity, motors, how electric motors work, 34-48 Electricity, soldering, basic how to, 18-35 Electricity, soldering, Pensol portable gas soldering iron (TtW!), 16-39 Electromagnetic fields, health effects, 23-24 Electromagnetic fields, reducing EMF, 24-62 Electromagnetic fields, homebrew, electromagnetic field meter, 23-26 Electromagnetic fields, instrumentation, simple magnetic field meter (homebrew), 34-79 Emergency equipment, Camp Fires's B-B-Q Box

(TtW!), 28-65 Emergency equipment, emergency micropower system, 14-9 Emergency equipment, emergency power system, 25-33

Emergency equipment, micro power systems, 1630

Emergency equipment, micro system: Sovonics

PV, Ovonics battery (TtW!), 15-33 Energy, conversion, terms and units, 19-46 Energy, hidden energy costs for commercial power, 16-21 Energy, Editorial, freedom offered by RE, 22-35 Energy, efficiency, appliances that are always on, 37-46

Energy, etiquette, Good Manners, 31-36 Energy, future, musings on utilities, hydrogen, 2928

Energy, organizations, profile of Redwood Alliance, 12-22

Energy, physics, charge/energy and mass/energy, 8-33

Energy Fair, '92 Midwest RE Fair, 30-10 Energy Fair, 1993 Midwest RE Fair, 36-6 Energy Fair, MREF '91, 24-32

Energy Fair, MREF'90, 19-16 Energy Fair, SEER '91, 25-26 Energy Fair, SEER '92, 31-12 Energy Fair, The Farm, Summertown, TN '90, 1840

Energy Fair, A Dream, , 12-27 Energy Fair, Initial Responses, , 13-24 Energy Fair, Reports, 1990, 19-12 Engines, battery charger, Heliotrope HC-75 (TtW!), 17-38

Engines, fuel, transportation, handling and storage,

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Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

Do we really want the one thing that gives us its resources unconditionally to suffer even more than it is suffering now? Nature, is a part of our being from the earliest human days. We respect Nature and it gives us its bounty, but in the recent past greedy money hungry corporations have made us all so destructive, so wasteful.

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