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Book Reviews, World Wildlife Fund Atlas of The

Environment, 21-85 Book Reviews, architecture, Resource Efficient

Housing (directory), 26-77 Book Reviews, conservation, The Fuel Savers, 2577

Book Reviews, cookbook, solar cooking, 37-109 Book Reviews, electric vehicles, Bob Brant's "Build

Your Own Electric Vehicle", 41-54 Book Reviews, electric vehicles, Convert It by Mike

Brown with Shari Prange, 40-64 Book Reviews, generators, The Homebuilt

Dynamo, 32-86 Book Reviews, greenhouses, The Hydroponic Hot

House, 28-76 Business, building a home business plan, 35-89 Business, career in RE, how to start, 26-36 Business, home business basics, 34-87 Business, profile of Solar Pathfinder, 26-40 Business, book review, The Incredible Secret

Money Machine, 17-51 Business, PV system, Home Power, 400 Wp, 12 LA, 16-7

Code Corner, and inspector, 33-76

Code Corner, conductors, 31-74

Code Corner, SWRES Research, 13-42

Code Corner, grounding, basics, 18-26

Code Corner, grounding, how to, 28-46

Code Corner, grounding, inverter grounding, 30-64

Code Corner, grounding, inverter grounding, 34-85

Code Corner, grounding, why ground, 27-47

Code Corner, NEC, disconnects, 19-42

Code Corner, NEC, disconnects, 21-53

Code Corner, NEC, grounding/isolation, 25-65

Code Corner, NEC, grounding/overcurrent protection/fuses, 16-31 Code Corner, NEC, history, relevance to PV, 20-54 Code Corner, NEC, law, relation to, 23-74 Code Corner, NEC, load circuits/wiring, 22-68

Code Corner, NEC/safety, and PV- powered pumping, 26-57 Code Corner, safety, surge and lightning protection, 32-68 Communications, computer, Home Power

BBS/how to use, 39-40 Computers, ac powered, efficient, 21-45 Computers, low power, 20-44 Computers, low voltage, 19-37 Computers, PC Solar IBM daylighting simulator software (TtW!), 29-68 Computers, renewable energy bulletin boards, 2760

Computers, communications, Home Power

BBS/how to use, 39-40 Computers, homebrew, Commodore 64, 12 Volt regulator, 23-71 Computers, inverters, how computers/printers run on mod sinewaves, 40-32 Computers, Portable system, PV charging/ small computer or radio, 38-32 Computers, printers, Apple LaserWriter II NT, 15-41 Computers, printers, Hewlett-Packard DeskWriter, 14-35

Computers, printers, Seikosha SP-1000AP, 16-52 Conservation, appliances, finding phantom loads, 14-13

Conservation, in the city, 22-11 Conservation, book review, The Fuel Savers, 2577

Controls, for hydroelectric systems, 13-35 Controls, maximum power point tracking, 29-34 Controls, alternator, build 12 VDC

engine/generator w/ field controller (homebrew), 2-23

Controls, DC to DC converter, Vanner Voltmaster

(TtW!), 33-84 Controls, electric fence charger, programmable pulse generator (homebrew), 21-78 Controls, homebrew, Renavair control panel, w/ 24

Volt Mark VI field controller, 22-73 Controls, homebrew, switch, voltage controlled, 1650

Controls, homebrew, timer for loads, ac to DC

conversion, 16-49 Controls, homebrew, voltage sensing switch, 33-80 Controls, linear current booster, basics, using, 6-12 Controls, linear current booster, Bobier's LCB 40

(TtW!), 29-53 Controls, linear current booster, LCB 3-4-8 for

Water Pumping (TtW!), 12-19 Controls, regulator, Backwoods Solar's PV

controller (TtW!), 7-34 Controls, regulator, Enermaxer voltage regulator, 7-19

Controls, regulator, Heliotrope CC-20 charge controller (TtW!), 13-36 Controls, regulator, Heliotrope CC-60 charge controller (TtW!), 8-31 Controls, regulator, PV direct regulator

(homebrew), 32-46 Controls, regulator, shunt regulator (homebrew), 18-46

Controls, regulator, SunAmp Power Co's PV

regulator (TtW!), 19-48 Dr. Klüge, basic electricity, terms and laws, 31-78 Dr. Klüge, induction and magnetism, 35-77 Dr. Klüge, resistors and diodes, 32-62 Dr. Klüge, basic electronics, how transformers and

LCBs work, 37-40 Dr. Klüge, electricity, rms voltage, 32-50 Dr. Klüge, electricity, timers and FETs, description of, 34-70

Dr. Klüge, electricity, transistors, intro to, 33-32 Editorial, changing printers, paper, 35-18 Editorial, consumer's guide, an RE parable, 31-81

Editorial, energy conservation, 9-34 Editorial, freedom offered by RE, 22-35 Editorial, greenhouse effect and PVs, 10-14 Editorial, IPP introduces themselves, 38-94 Editorial, Lunatic Fringe, 25-6 Editorial, photon's trip to earth, 25-68 Editorial, alternatives, RE a solution to utilities dilemma, 20-46 Editorial, Conference, REDI Conference 1993, 3778

Editorial, electric vehicles, introduction of

GoPower, 37-50 Editorial, etiquette, Good Manners, 31-36 Editorial, EVs, the future of EVs, 38-49 Editorial, future, musings on utilities, hydrogen, 2928

Editorial, IPP, association & SCE update, 39-90 Editorial, IPP, CPUC &SCE update, 41-94 Editorial, IPP, update, 40-107 Editorial, magazine mechanics, recycled paper, author data, computer nerd stuff, 38-82 Editorial, ownership of power, the utilities involvement in solar energy, 37-4 Editorial, PV, industry, state of, 18-15 Editorial, PVs, perks of using PVs, 2-6 Editorial, Solar, perspective, 4-35 Editorial, spoof, Doktor Data explains sunshine, 3458

Editorial, utilities, utilities and the off-grid PV

market, 37-91 Education, CMC, 3-20

Education, Int'l Development Program at HSU, 4178

Education, Back to Basics, renewable energy education sources, 30-72 Education, electric vehicles, building a high school electrathon racer, 40-58 Education, kids, Kid's Corner intro, 26-50 Education, kids, Kid's Corner: solar , 31-86 Education, kids, Kid's Corner: solar experiments, 28-70

Education, kids, Kid's Corner: solar oven designs, 27-74

Education, kids, Kid's Corner: solar oven designs, 30-74

Education, kids, Kid's Corner: solar, wind, solid waste, 29-74 Education, kids, planetary citizens, amateur radio, 5-5

Education, kids, PV, batteries, loads (teaching plan, part 2) , 15-5 Education, kids, PV, Boy Scouts, Amateur radio, 32-71

Education, kids, solar battery charging (teaching plan, part 1), 16-14 Education, PV, SEI workshop, 10-20 Education, RE, , 11-21 Education, RETSIE, , 6-18

Education, SEI (formerly ATA), PV for practitioners workshop, 13-12 Education, SERI, news on efficient PVs, wind, vacuum insulation, 13-31 Efficiency, energy, appliances that are always on, 37-46

Efficiency, lighting, retrofit of school w/fluorescents, 32-38

Electric vehicles, building a solar vehicle, 14-30 Electric vehicles, education, Jordan Energy

Institute, 21-32 Electric vehicles, EV crash tests, 40-50 Electric vehicles, EVs in Europe & renting an EV in

Geneva, 38-64 Electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, 8-5 Electric vehicles, hybrid solar electric/ natural gas prototype, 31-108

Electric vehicles, parts, access data, 19-54 Electric vehicles, performance testing 1992

American Tour de Sol, 34-62 Electric vehicles, reasons for owning, 18-11 Electric vehicles, batteries, EV fueling techniques, 36-57

Electric vehicles, boat, solar powered, 26-30 Electric vehicles, boats, powering boats with electricity, 37-70 Electric vehicles, book review, Bob Brant's "Build

Your Own Electric Vehicle", 41-54 Electric vehicles, book review, Convert It by Mike

Brown with Shari Prange, 40-64 Electric vehicles, conversion, adaptors, 34-40 Electric vehicles, conversion, battery chargers, explanation & shopping for, 40-66 Electric vehicles, conversion, battery containment

& placement, 36-52 Electric vehicles, conversion, choosing a car for, 31-32

Electric vehicles, conversion, EV power accessories/options, 41-56 Electric vehicles, conversion, instrumentation/gauges for the working EV, 3958

Electric vehicles, conversion, Kawasaki 2WD to electric, 41-46 Electric vehicles, conversion, motors, types and tips, 33-38

Electric vehicles, conversion, overview of suitable batteries, 35-50 Electric vehicles, conversion, safety disconnects, circuit breakers, fuses, 38-60 Electric vehicles, conversion, speed control in electric vehicles, 37-74 Electric vehicles, conversion, what to save, what to scrap, 32-48 Electric vehicles, design, experiences designing &

racing EVs, 40-54 Electric vehicles, editorial, towards an EV future, 29-31

Electric vehicles, education, building a high school electrathon racer, 40-58 Electric vehicles, efficiency, energy consumption in

ZEVs and HEVs, 37-57 Electric vehicles, electric boats, 2nd Annual Spada

Lake electric & solar boat race, 39-48 Electric vehicles, environment, auto emission pollution, 18-9 Electric vehicles, fuel cell/hydrogen, intro to, 23-16 Electric vehicles, homebrew, build a solar powered vehicle, 14-27 Electric vehicles, homebrew, frames, 15-42 Electric vehicles, homebrew, regenerative braking, 38-52

Electric vehicles, homebrew, simple, easy to build motor controllers/relays, 39-53 Electric vehicles, homebrew, solar powered dune buggy, 34-20 Electric vehicles, overview, hybrid electric vehicle, 9-13

Electric vehicles, PV panel design, construction of a PV module to power a race car, 37-52 Electric vehicles, race, solar electric boats, 32-18 Electric vehicles, racing, 1991 American Tour de

Sol, 24-35 Electric vehicles, racer, design/development/competition open class racer, 39-44 Electric vehicles, races, '92 Phoenix Solar and

Electric 500, 30-16 Electric vehicles, races, 1990 American Tour de Sol, 18-7

Electric vehicles, races, 1991 Solar & Electric 500, 23-66

Electric vehicles, races, safety in, 30-22

Electric vehicles, races, World Solar Challenge,

Australia 1990, 21-29 Electric vehicles, racing, high rate recharge in racing, 33-109 Electric vehicles, racing, high school electrathon competition at JEI, 41-50 Electric vehicles, racing, new speed records & old

EV frames, 41-44

Electric vehicles, ultralight aircraft, solar powered flight, 19-6

Electric vehicles, ultralight aircraft, solar vs. other aircraft, energy comparison, 19-8 Electric vehicles, video review, EVs & Hydrogen, 27-78

Electricity, cartoon describing amps and volts, 2567

Electricity, history of, ac vs. DC, 8-21 Electricity, multimeter and Ohm's law, 16-46 Electricity, Ohm's law applications, 4-33 Electricity, Ohm's law, definition, 3-40 Electricity, resistors and diodes, 32-62 Electricity, shunts, using to measure current, Cu shunt table, 6-35 Electricity, terms: amps, volts, watts, watt-hours, amp-hours, 1-35 Electricity, Back to Basics, definition of electrical terms, 29-72 Electricity, basic, schematics, how to read, 5-35 Electricity, basic electronics, how transformers and

LCBs work, 37-40 Electricity, basics, low voltage wiring techniques, sizing, 2-33 Electricity, DC/PV/wiring, sizing, tables, 18-31 Electricity, Dr Kluge, induction and magnetism, 3577

Electricity, Dr Kluge, rms voltage, 32-50 Electricity, Dr Kluge, terms and laws, 31-78 Electricity, Dr Kluge, timers and FETs, description of, 34-70

Electricity, Dr Kluge, transistors, intro to, 33-32 Electricity, motors, how electric motors work, 34-48 Electricity, soldering, basic how to, 18-35 Electricity, soldering, Pensol portable gas soldering iron (TtW!), 16-39 Electromagnetic fields, health effects, 23-24 Electromagnetic fields, reducing EMF, 24-62 Electromagnetic fields, homebrew, electromagnetic field meter, 23-26 Electromagnetic fields, instrumentation, simple magnetic field meter (homebrew), 34-79 Emergency equipment, Camp Fires's B-B-Q Box

(TtW!), 28-65 Emergency equipment, emergency micropower system, 14-9 Emergency equipment, emergency power system, 25-33

Emergency equipment, micro power systems, 1630

Emergency equipment, micro system: Sovonics

PV, Ovonics battery (TtW!), 15-33 Energy, conversion, terms and units, 19-46 Energy, hidden energy costs for commercial power, 16-21 Energy, Editorial, freedom offered by RE, 22-35 Energy, efficiency, appliances that are always on, 37-46

Energy, etiquette, Good Manners, 31-36 Energy, future, musings on utilities, hydrogen, 2928

Energy, organizations, profile of Redwood Alliance, 12-22

Energy, physics, charge/energy and mass/energy, 8-33

Energy Fair, '92 Midwest RE Fair, 30-10 Energy Fair, 1993 Midwest RE Fair, 36-6 Energy Fair, MREF '91, 24-32

Energy Fair, MREF'90, 19-16 Energy Fair, SEER '91, 25-26 Energy Fair, SEER '92, 31-12 Energy Fair, The Farm, Summertown, TN '90, 1840

Energy Fair, A Dream, , 12-27 Energy Fair, Initial Responses, , 13-24 Energy Fair, Reports, 1990, 19-12 Engines, battery charger, Heliotrope HC-75 (TtW!), 17-38

Engines, fuel, transportation, handling and storage,

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