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Fast Electric Bike Guide

Here is a list of just some of the benefits you get from building an electric bike yourself: Lowest cost electric vehicle -Because you need such a small battery pack compared to an electric car or motorcycle you can afford to buy the latest technology batteries which means they can last up to 10 years before they need replacing. Never wait in traffic again simply pass all the slow cars by riding on the shoulder or in the bike lane. Ride at the same speed as a car I will show you the secrets to increasing the power from a standard motor controller so you can ride at speeds over 50Mph and out accelerate most cars from a stop. Choose how far you want to ride I show you the simple calculations to determine what size battery pack you need to travel a specified distance. My bike has a range of 30 to 50 miles depending how fast I ride before it needs recharged. Save money on insurance and vehicle costs you won't need to own or insure a car when you have a fast electric bike. No more oil changes or vehicle repairs to worry about. Never buy gas again simply plug your bike into your charger and recharge it for pennies a day. Never pay for parking again just lock your bike to the closest bike rack or in a secured bike locker. Reduce your carbon footprint stop polluting by using an eco-friendly electric vehicle. Ride warm all year long You will learn how to ride warm and comfortable in temperatures well below freezing by making your own heated jacket (one of the free bonuses you will receive). Ride silently You may be surprised by the wildlife you see on a bike trail because the animals can't hear you. I have seen coyotes, skunks (don't get to close), owls,deer and even a beaver on the bike trails riding home from work. Experience the EV Grin this is the huge smile you will have on your face after your first ride on your new electric bike. Read more...

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Circuit Section Battery to transformer

The batteries should be deep cycle golf cart batteries, 12 volts and under 200 A hrs Use true deep cycle batteries. Automotive batteries are designed for high current for a short period of time. Deep cycle batteries provide steady current and can handle repeated recharging. A deep cycle battery rated at 200 A hrs should deliver 10 amps of current for 20 hrs. There are three ways to accomplish this section of the circuit. Working drawing no.1 show all three ways. First, and easiest for research...

Cc-20 Charge Controller Heliotrope Reviews

Book Reviews, World Wildlife Fund Atlas of The Environment, 21-85 Book Reviews, architecture, Resource Efficient Housing (directory), 26-77 Book Reviews, conservation, The Fuel Savers, 2577 Book Reviews, cookbook, solar cooking, 37-109 Book Reviews, electric vehicles, Bob Brant's Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, 41-54 Book Reviews, electric vehicles, Convert It by Mike Brown with Shari Prange, 40-64 Book Reviews, generators, The Homebuilt Dynamo, 32-86 Book Reviews, greenhouses, The Hydroponic...

Multistage Battery Charging

Lead Acid Battery Hazard

A typical 12 volt lead-acid battery must be taken to approximately 14.2-14.4 VDC before it is fully charged. (For 24 volt systems double these figures.) If taken to a lesser voltage level, some of the sulfate deposits that form during discharge will remain on the plates. Over time, these deposits will cause a 200 amp-hour battery to act more like a 100 amp-hour battery, and battery life will be considerably shortened. Once fully charged, batteries should be held at a considerably lower voltage...

Requirement Of Circuit Of Rechargeable

Mainstays Metal Arm Futon Instructions

2 2N3904 transistors 1 Red LED 1 Yellow LED 3 470 Q resistors 1 1N4148 diode 1 AAA Battery Holder red wire is , black wire is - 2 1.2-volt AAA NiCad rechargeable batteries included 1 DC fan assembly from the Solar Kit 1 DC motor 1 stand base 1 stand post 1 stand loop 1 screw 1 hex nut 1 2-wire lead with connectors Electrical tape not included V Assemble the DC fan motor, propeller, and stand, following the direction in the Solar Kit. V Connect the wire leads to the back of the fan motor with...

Fre Energy-movingpulsed

Free Electrical Energy Devices

The suggested construction method for this motor is somewhat unusual, as shown here The magnetic poles of the rotor are built up from thin laminations insulated from the neighbouring laminations to prevent eddy current losses, and these laminations overlap the windings of the stator electromagnets. The diagram above only shows two of these electromagnets although there would typically be eight of them for a rotor with seven poles as shown. An interesting feature is the method of using four...


Homemade Magnetic Generator

A permanent magnet, pulsed DC electromagnet motorgenerator for the production of electric power. The source or input for the electric power is the magnetic flux of neodymium permanent magnets. The device consists of a motor, a generator, commutation and a circuit. The motor consists of permanent magnets fixed to a rotor. The stator employs pulsed DC electromagnets. The permanent magnets and the electromagnets are arranged around the rotor and stator opposing each other. As the permanent magnet...

Self Running Fuelless Electrical Generator

Self Runing Free Energy Coil Generator

The magazine article can be seen at An artist's impression of the completed motor-generator set-up with a cut-away section is shown here The Carousel Permanent Magnet Motor Generator US Patent 5,625,241 presents the specific details of a simple electrical generator powered by permanent magnets alone. This generator can also be used as a motor. The construction is not particularly complicated It uses an arrangement where permanent magnets are associated with every second coil set around the...

Understanding The Alternator

Free Energy Charging System

A vehicle charging system has three major components the Battery, the Alternator, and the Regulator. The alternator works together with the battery to supply power when the vehicle is running. The output of an alternator is direct current DC , however the alternator actually creates AC voltage which is then converted to DC as it leaves the alternator on its way to charge the battery and power the other electrical loads. Four wires connect the alternator to the rest of the charging system 'B' is...

Chapter Pulse Charging Battery Systems

Mechanic Free Energy

It is possible to draw substantial amounts of energy from the local environment and use that energy to charge batteries. Not only that, but when this method of charging is used, the batteries gradually get conditioned to this form of non-conventional energy and their capacity for doing work increases. In addition, about 50 of vehicle batteries abandoned as being incapable of holding their charge any longer, will respond to this type of charging and revive fully. This means that a battery bank...

Free Energy From Air Circuit

Air Circuit Free Energy

Because the running power draw is so low, it is possible to run this motor from a standard battery-powered inverter, but the current draw at start-up is some 17 amps, so the mains is used to get the motor started and then the motor is switched from the mains to the inverter. The inverter also allows easy measurement of the power input and so makes for easier calculation of the overall power efficiency of the system. There is a power extraction device called a diode-plug, which in spite of it's...

How to Build an Efficient Alternative Energy Device

Edison Current Free Energy

I spoke with Steve Elswick, the Publisher of the Extra Ordinary Technology Magazine who has given me permission to post my article http pdf ion valve article.pdf Reading this article you will learn how I discovered what I now call an ion valve and how it is used in an extremely efficient tank circuit to greatly conserve the current to run motors or provide light. Tests show that motors can be run many times longer on a battery supply using the ion valve as a regulating...

Yaw control

Pitch And Stall Power Curve

As most horizontal-axis wind turbines employ a yaw drive mechanism to keep the turbine headed into the wind, the use of the same mechanism to yaw the turbine out of wind to limit power output is obviously an attractive one. However, there are two factors which militate against the rapid response of such a system to limit power first, the large moment of inertia of the nacelle and rotor about the yaw axis, Figure 6.11 Specimen Pitch Angle Schedules for Active Pitch Control and Active Stall...

Betz Schraubenpropeller Mit Geringstem Energieverlust

Schraubenpropeller mit geringstem energieverlust. Gottinger Nachr., Germany. Coleman, R. P., Feingold, A. M. and Stempin, C. W., 1945 . 'Evaluation of the induced velocity field of an idealised helicopter rotor'. N.A.C.A. A.R.R,. No. L5E10. Glauert, H., 1926a . 'The analysis of experimental results in the windmill brake and vortex ring states of an airscrew'. ARCR R amp M No. 1026. Glauert, H., 1926b . 'A general theory of the autogyro'. ARCR R amp M No. 1111. Glauert, H.,...

Side View

Rotor Characteristics Pvc

The coils are wound with the end plates attached and drilled ready to screw to their 1 4 inch 6 mm PVC bases, which are the bolted to the 3 4 inch 18 mm MDF supporting structure. To help the winding to remain completely even, a piece of paper is placed over each layer of the winding The three coils produced in this way were then attached to the main surface of the device. There could just as easily have been six coils. The positioning is made so as to create an adjustable gap of about 1 4 inch...

Free Energy Charger Circuit

Solar Charger Circuit Schematic

Figure 13-4 Solar-powered phone charger schematic car charger. Figure 13-4 Solar-powered phone charger schematic car charger. Figure 13-5 Solar-powered phone charger schematic USB type. Figure 13-5 Solar-powered phone charger schematic USB type. Project 3M Build Your Own Solar-Powered Radio Ferrite rod antenna 60-160 pF variable capacitor BC183 transistor 10 nF capacitor 0.1 mF capacitor x 2 470 pF capacitor 220 R resistor 1 k resistor 100 k resistor x 2 10 k potentiometer Speaker PV cell A...

An Active Solar Tracking System

Solar Tracker Projects

In the spirit of fine home-brewing, this tracker uses cheap ubiquitous parts - a windshield wiper motor and a 555 circuit - as the guts for an efficient machine which keeps panels aimed at the sun. How This Tracker Works Driving a threaded shaft attached to the tracker's underside, the windshield wiper motor is powered by a circuit controlled by two phototransistors which are turned on and off by a shading device. The phototransistors and shading device are mounted on the face of the tracker...

Axial Flux Generator Self Running

Convert Motor Generator

Salvaged Jacobs wind-electric units, with an estimated output of 2,500 W under the same analysis with 4,000 production hours in a year, have a present value of US 12,712. The cost of the three units we are running now was only US 1,050. Our batteries were also salvaged from microwave installations. These bargains made generating electricity with the wind economically appealing. Over time, we have recovered various wind generators Paris-Dunn, Wincharger, and Jacobs. The units were recovered from...

How To Build A Rotoverter Generator

How Build Free Energy

The motor and the alternator are then mounted securely in exact alignment and coupled together. The switching of the direction of the housing on the drive motor allows all of the jumpering to be on the same side of the two units when they are coupled together, facing each other The input drive may be from an inverter driven from a battery charged via a solar panel. The system how needs to be 'tuned' and tested. This involves finding the best 'starting' capacitor which will be switched into the...

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Toroid Generator

Here three discs are mounted on the shaft of a motor as shown here. These are insulated from each other and the conducting sectors are aligned, and so are the brushes. The arrangement gives a mechanical switching such that when the upper brushes are short-circuited together, the lower brushes are open-circuit. As there is a requirement for an inductive load for this circuit, the motor of a mechanical switching system could well form part of the load. Many people prefer solid-state switching to...

Simple Charge Controller Circuit

Electrocar Controller Simple

The above diagram shows the simple charge controller circuit. The incoming battery voltage is divided in half by a pair of 3.3K resistors, so the trip points are adjusted to one-half the desired levels. Start at 14 volts for the trip points. The actual trip points will depend on your particular batteries, but a good starting point is 14.5 volts for full charge, and 11.8 volts for discharged. In this case, the trimpots should be adjusted to read 7.25 volts at TP-A and 5.9 volts at TP-B. You will...

David Goes Electric

Daivd Bradley Sickle Bar

With solar and wind power working so well for our home, it seemed only natural to put it to use outdoors as well. Here's how I built a small tractor that has become a very valuable tool around the homestead. The project began with an old David Bradley walking tractor that a friend had given me. It would probably be easy to find a four wheel garden tractor to convert, but I wanted the two wheel design for several reasons. It is more maneuverable and lends itself to the attachment of a sickle-bar...

Basic Model Air type Gravity Motor

Fuelless Wheel

WARNING High voltage can kill, use rubber gloves as well as rubber shoes etc We are not responsible for anything in these plans you build at your own risk Free Energy Electric Motor Fuelless motor Free Energy Electric Motor Fuelless motor PO BOX 557 New Albany, IN. 47151 USA Copyright 2002 - 2004 Creative Science amp Research _i- '.i_ PO BOX 557 New Albany, IN. 47151 USA Copyright 2002 - 2004 Creative Science amp Research _i- '.i_ The below Linear Motion sliders are just a suggestion, they are...

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