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Independent Home Tour - National Energy Awareness Month will have a special attraction this year. On Saturday, Oct. 16, 1993 people who live in energy independent homes powered by sun, wind, water or grid-intertie systems are being asked to open their homes to the public so that others interested in energy independence may have first-hand experience in observing the lifestyle. Tour logistics are being coordinated by Real Goods Trading Co. The tour is being promoted so that anyone interested can have access to people who have actually living on renewable energy. Although Real Goods is physically coordinating the Tour, the event is being handled as an industrywide, non-commercial effort. The goal is to have 100 participants in locations across the United States by Oct. 16. Interested parties-volunteers to show their homes or people interested in visiting an energy independent home in their area may call 800-762-7325 or write Karen Hensley at Real Goods, 966 Mazzoni St., Ukiah, CA 95482-3471

Electric Vehicle Safety Survey: In order to establish meaningful standards, the Electric Vehicle Industry Assoc. is seeking data on the safety of EVs already in actual use. Anyone who has had any experience with EV accidents is invited to share their information. The survey takes 10 minutes to complete. Final data will be made available for publication. To participate, contact Shari Prange, Electro Automotive, POB 1113, Felton, CA 95018-1113 • 408-429-1989

Elfin Permaculture is holding a number of workshops ranging from one day to three weeks in locations around the U.S. and Canada. Contact Cynthia Hemenway, 7781 Lenox Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32221

The Conservation and Renewable Energy Inquiry and Referral Service (CAREIRS) is a national service, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, that provides the general public and educators with free information on renewable energy and energy conservation. They also maintain a referral network of approximately 500 organizations that provide more technical information. CAREIRS is interested in organizations that can benefit from being part of their monthly mailing list. The mailings are most useful to organizations who have direct contact with the public". For more information contact CAREIRS, POB 8900, Silver Springs, MD 20907, or call 800-523-2929

HOME ENERGY MAGAZINE is offering a free Directory of Energy-Related Graduate Programs in US Universities. Over 60 programs in the fields of energy, resources, the environment, and development. This directory was produced by the Energy Foundation, with the cooperation of Student Pugwash USA, a national educational, nonprofit organization. The free directory is available via book, IBM 3.5" disk, IBM 5.25" disk, Macintosh disk, (please specify MS Word 5.0, Filemaker Pro (Mac) or delimited ASCII). Contact Home Energy Magazine, 2124 Kittredge St #95, Berkeley, CA 94704

FREE NATURAL GAS VEHICLE MAGAZINE Send SASE to Frank Rowe Circulation, NGV Magazine, 1410 Grant St Ste A-201, Denver, CO 80203, 303-8630521, FAX 303-863-0918

EV NETWORK - Ken Koch will search his file of 2,000 customers and let you know if there's an EV owner near you. Send him an SASE: 12531 Breezy Way, Orange, CA 92669

Papers are currently being accepted for Solar'94, featuring the American Solar Energy Society Annual Conference & the National Passive Solar Conference. Paper presentations will be made in conference Technical Sessions, June 27-30, 1994 in San Jose, CA. Presentations should be 10 to 15 minutes with audience interaction. Anyone with special knowledge in some aspect of the solar energy field is encouraged to submit a paper for consideration by the technical Program review committee. Abstracts are due November 15, 1993. Contact American Solar Energy Society, 2400 Central Ave G-1, Boulder, CO 8-3-1, 303-443-3130, Fax 303443-3212

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Solar Power

Solar Power

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