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8 SIEMENS 48 WATT MODULES, SCI Metered 30 amp Controller, 4 Module Roof Mount, TRACE 2512SB Inverter. Complete Instructions, Wiring & Cable Kit, New & Unopened from Factory, Must Sell, Customer Canceled Order(805)373-9433

CEILING FANS: The largest selection of DC Powered (12 & 24VDC) ceiling fans anywhere in the U.S. From traditional to modern, classical to custom design. For brochure and list of dealers send SASE to R.C.H., 2173 Rocky Crk Rd, Colville, WA 99114. Dealer inquiries welcome FAX 509-684-3973

MAGNET KITS (Strontium ferrite) for "The Homebuilt Dynamo" cut to size and magnetized. Sample pair $12 (US) postpaid airmail; from Al Forbes POB 3919 Auckland, New Zealand, 9-818-8967. DIESEL GENERATOR RADIO remote Control and Protection System. Fully automated with PATENTED "Fail Safe" invention. Many features not found elsewhere. Proven in daily use at 7500 ft. Colo. mtn. installation. Own the best! Advance Devices, Box 146-a, Glade Park, CO 81523, 303-245-7216

12VDC FLUORESCENT BALLAST—reliable & safe, instant start, no flicker or noise, use for 10-20W. Send $8.00 to GSI, 246 5th Ave #501, NY,NY 10001. USED EQUIPMENT-3 pole-1 throw fused disconnects: 100A, 200A, 400A. Misc. lengths of cable: 3/0 up to 500 MCM. 36V & 48V chargers- sell or trade for 72V. Jack 408-684-2117

ALTA, CA: Near I-80, 10 secluded, solar acres with generator, well, and garden in and lots of trees. $60,000, OWC, 916-389-2731 Keep trying. ECOTRAVEL ABROAD. Free resource catalog: Transitions Abroad, Box 1300-3714, Amherst, MA 010041300._

SUNTREK HOME ENERGY CENTER: The Alternative Energy Headquarters for the Northwest. Complete prewired Do-It-Yourself Solar & Solar Water Pumping Kits. Diesel Generators. Free system sizing & estimates. (206)

458-8980 Yelm, WA_

DIESEL GENERATORS "HANZI" 3KW to 20KW, from $1955 complete turn key. Chinese Tractors 18HP to 30HP. CHINA FARM MACHINERY 23985 Rolling Meadows, Perris, CA 92570 Tel (909) 657-0379 Fax (909) 657-8120. Dealer Inquiries Invited. SOLAR ELECTRIC CABIN on 18 Acres in N.E. Wash., Nice Views, gravity fed spring water, year'round creek through several acres pasture. Good, strong, old trees, good access, 25 ft. from utility grid & telephone, 360 feet from US Nat'l Forest, near by lake, 5 min. hike $36,000. Write Box 436, Tonasket, WA 98855 LOOKING TO LIVE IN THE MOUNTAINS, celebrate life? Come live near us and build your AE cabin. Share our awesome country-good nurturing land on 18 and 40 acres, and we need some earth loving neighbors. Write Box 436, Tonasket, WA 98855

NEW 12-24 VOLT SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS. Outstanding quality. Exceptionally affordable prices. Call 207-8530960 for free information packet. (Dealer inquiries invited.) SOLAR COOKING NATURALLY includes over 100 recipes and a resource list of solar cooker kits, plans and commercial models. $10.00, Sunlight Works, P.O. Box

3386, Sedona, AZ 86340_

JET STREAM OVENS $159 ppd! DC-DC conv's 20-56V to 12V 40% off. Wanted Redi-Line DA12L, DA36L. Hyde-Out Mountain Wind Power 89060 NRR Jewett, OH 43986

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