Pending policies relating to renewable energy project deployment


I T he overall policy objective is to become 100% renewable energy dependent. Sticks

I Tity zoning and building codes will be amended to allow for appropriate use of individual solar and wind systems.


I T solar access ordinance for new neighbourhood planning has been prepared. It exempts the cost of on-site wind and solar energy projects from sales and property taxes and provides the necessary safety requirements.

I Where possible, adopting net-metering and other policies to encourage on-site renewable energy use by building owners is being encouraged. A draft interconnection agreement and net-metering policy has been prepared with the utility.

I To encourage the use of less gasoline and diesel for transport, a "walkable" community is being planned, with adequate pedestrian links making most of the main facilities easily accessible. Car-share programmes and recharging stations for electric vehicles are being developed.


I T non-profit "Greensburg Green Town" business was created to assist in the rebuilding and education process.

I Tn annual conference on the town's progress has been proposed, to which leaders and interested lay-people from other communities from around the world will be invited.

I T he city planning of building projects is transparent in order to educate residents, business owners, and visitors about the sustainable features being used.

I Educational efforts in the community will be made to target the opportunities for renewable energy utilisation and provide information to enable options to be evaluated. Once established, the Sustainable Resource Office will be the vehicle for education, including about how to further reduce emissions and energy use with day-to-day lifestyle choices, including lawn mowers, incandescent light bulbs versus LEDs, water heaters, etc.

I Teveral television programmes and a reality television show, "Greensburg", are tracking the progress of the town as it rebuilds.

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