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As a result of the Merton rule, building developers have invested in such technologies as small wind turbines, solar PV, ground source heat pumps, biomass heating and CHP systems, and solar water heaters. Any additional costs involved have not had to be borne by local taxpayers, but by the developers. Under some circumstances they may be eligible for financial support from the national government. Examples of several successful new building projects within the Merton borough, and in the neighbouring municipality of Croydon that also abides by the policy, are outlined below. Croydon is one of around 150 councils across the United Kingdom also actively implementing or drafting the Merton policy.


I King's College, Wimbledon installed a 5 m tall, 3 m diameter vertical axis wind turbine produced by the British company "Quiet Revolution" on a mast adjacent to the new, three-storey, 660 m2 floor area extension to the science department. Their target was to reduce emissions by over 6 tCO2 annually. The power generated from the 5kW device is around 6000 - 7000 kWh/yr and is used mainly to meet the lighting demand in the building. The installed cost is relatively high, at around GBP 35 000, but future installations could be eligible for a 50% grant through the British government's "Low Carbon Building Programme" that commenced in July 2009.

I K he curved roof of a new self-storage building, owned by the company Big Yellow, has solar PV panels installed. A wind turbine similar to that at King's College was constructed adjacent to the building. Together, these technologies result in 12 tCO2 reductions/yr.

I K complex of 350 apartments has been built by Fairview Homes in Croydon after being granted planning permission in February 2006. A mixture of solar roof tiles that produce either electricity from PV systems or solar heat for water has been integrated into the roof design.86 Together with 20 micro-wind turbines and 61 solar water heaters installed on the building roof, they result in a 50 t annual CO2 reduction. This is in excess of the 10% minimum requirement, since the builder considered the Merton rule as adding value to the apartments which consequently sold quickly after completion in 2007.

Heating and cooling

I K he do-it-yourself and garden equipment chain store B&Q, has installed in its New Malden branch a solar thermal system and a ground source heat pump for under-floor heating in the new 10 000 m2,

86. Since development in 2004, Solarcentury has partnered with Sony UK to manufacture these tiles. Press/Press-Releases/Solarcentury-partner-with-the-Sony-UK-Technology-Centre-in-the-dnve-towards-green-technology.

three-storey store. The aim was to meet the 10% emission reduction local regulation using a vertical axis wind turbine and solar PV panels as well as to provide around 20% of its on-site energy demand.

I Developers of an apartment and office block of 6 000 m2 installed solar thermal collectors and solar PV panel installations on the roof. Together they provide an annual emissions reduction of 20 tCO2.

I T he 3 000 m2 Lidl supermarket building in Merton installed horizontal pipes of a ground source heat pump system under the car park. Heat extracted from both the building space in summer, and from pre-cooling of the refrigerated chilling cabinets, is stored in the ground for use in the winter. The consequent reduction in CFC gas used in the refrigerators resulted in a greenhouse gas reduction of 92 tCO2eq/yr, equivalent to 35% saving of total carbon emissions.

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

Global warming is a huge problem which will significantly affect every country in the world. Many people all over the world are trying to do whatever they can to help combat the effects of global warming. One of the ways that people can fight global warming is to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources like oil and petroleum based products.

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