Renewable energy technologies

Electricity i I n 2008 Nagpur was designated as India's first "Solar City" in its Solar Cities Programme. The total cost of the Nagpur Solar City programme is USD 3.8 M, with USD 1.9 M coming from the national ministry and the remainder paid by the municipal corporation. Nagpur's transformation into a model solar city will be complete by 2012. In addition, energy efficient green buildings will also be promoted on a large scale in the city. Instead of utility-scale solar plants, Nagpur will invest in small-scale solar power generation for street lights, garden lights, traffic lights, advertisement hoardings and solar water heaters.

i A solar power pack system was installed at the Renewable Energy Resource Centre on the Nagpur Municipal Corporation's property.

i Aor the new waste-to-energy demonstration plant, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation leased four hectares of land and entered into a build-own-operate agreement with two companies in 1998. The bio-methanation plant, with an estimated cost of USD 9.7 M, uses dry anaerobic composting to produce biogas. The facility was designed to process 520 t/day of municipal solid waste, generating 5.4 MWh of energy and 150 t of organic compost for sale. The current status of the project is unknown since investing partners backed out of the project in 2001.

i A he Unique Waste Plastic Management and Research Company Pvt. Ltd. in Nagpur manages a waste-to-energy demonstration plant that converts plastic waste into diesel fuel equivalent.

i A he multi-modal international hub airport special economic zone (MIHAN-SEZ) is government land set aside for industrial development. Manufacturers of renewable energy equipment and components have been encouraged to the location including a 2 000 MW/yr mono-crystalline photovoltaic production plant, a 240 MW/yr thin film plant, an exclusive float glass plant for application in solar collectors, and a 2 000 MW thermal power plant. These are to be located on 400 hectares of the MIHAN-SEZ using investments from Russian plane maker Sukhoi and a Malaysian-based firm, SKS Ventures.

i A he world's first renewable energy park is being created on 3 000 hectares of land purchased by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation. Once fully operational, it aims to produce almost 50% of the current global production of renewable energy components, according to Mr Muttemwar, the Minister of New and Renewable Energy. It will include:

• a 10 MW solar thermal energy plant which will be Asia's largest;

• production of a range of renewable energy devices and systems;

• nearly 500 companies establishing production units with American, Australian, and Japanese companies already showing interest;

• investment of USD 2 billion initially with the potential to attract USD 5 billion within five years; and

• an estimated 20 000 direct jobs together with 150 000 indirect ones. Heating and cooling i A 500 litre/day solar water heating system has been installed in Nagpur Municipal Corporation's hospital.

i A solar thermal system has been installed in Hotel Pride, Nagpur.

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