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Four SunPipe-13's in 25 x 35 living room."/>
Four SunPipe-13's in 25 x 35 living room.

The Best Daylight Pipe The Brightest Daylight Pipe No Heat Gain, Roof Leaks or Electricity

The Original

The Original

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Solar Electric Utility Tie

Remote Homes, Water Pumping, RVs and Telecommunication Systems. f ■ ■ - - v-

Call one of our Solar Design Technicians to help design the right system for you. "

Energy Efficient Refrigerators & Freezers

Customized To Fit Your Needs

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Cool Celfc® Double Play System BiLtery Boxes

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HYDROELECTRIC SYSTEMS: Pelton and Crossflow turbines or complete AC systems for standalone or grid interconnect operation. Site evaluation and equipment selection assistance. Manufacturing home and commercial size turbines since 1976. Free brochure: Canyon Industries, PO Box 36HP, Deming, WA 98244, 360-592-5552. Email: [email protected] Web page: • HP12702

FOLLOW THE SUN! Light seeking single and dual axis solar tracker controls. • HP12703

ECOMALL: The largest environmental portal of earth-friendly companies and resources. Renewable energy companies, news and information. To advertise, call 845-679-2490. • HP12704

XXXXXXX UNI-SOLAR XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX 64 Watts $359 XXXXXXX M55 Siemens panels $225. Almost new 1500 AH AGM 12-volts $1800. TraceX SW5548 $2850. Ex 2KW inverter SB $850. Buy, sell New/Used. • 760-949-0505 • HP12705

PORTABLE AND STANDBY GENERATORS from Honda, Yamaha, Subaru, Kipor, and More + Wireless Remote Start Available. 1-800-375-7767 • HP12706

I AM A SOLAR WHOLESALER looking for retailers to carry my solar electronic, educational & hobby goods. Phone # (916) 486-4373. Please leave message. • HP12707

DC POWERED CEILING FANS: 12 & 24 volts: The Best in the World: RCH Fanworks [email protected] PH: 509-685-0535 • HP12708

BUSINESS FOR SALE: RCH Fanworks, the premier manufacturer of DC powered ceiling fans, is for sale. Great add-on to an already existing business or an opportunity to continue an established home-based business. Send inquiries to [email protected] • HP12709

EDTA RESTORES SULFATED BATTERIES. EDTA tetra sodium salt, $16/lb. plus $8 S&H for 1st lb. plus $10 S&H for 2+ lb. Trailhead Supply, 325 E 1165 N, Orem, UT 84057, (801) 225 3931, email: [email protected], info. at: • HP12710

HYDROELECTRIC TURBINES: Custom sized runners 50W-500kW, 82-400mm diameter, stainless investment castings and molded plastic, from $120, site analysis spreadsheets, • HP12711

WANT TO LIVE RENT-FREE - anywhere in the world? There are empty homes in every state and country, and property owners are looking for trustworthy people to live in them as property caretakers and housesitters! The Caretaker Gazette contains these property caretaking/ housesitting openings in all 50 states and foreign countries. Published since 1983, subscribers receive 1,000+ property caretaking opportunities each year, worldwide. Some of these caretaking and housesitting openings also offer compensation in addition to the free housing provided. Short, medium and long-term property caretaking assignments are in every issue. Subscriptions: $29.95/ year. The Caretaker Gazette, 3 Estancia Lane, Boerne, TX 78006. (830) 755-2300. • HP12712

HYDROS, P.M. BRUSHLESS DC units with Harris housing and wheel. Up to 70% efficiency. From $1350. 707-923-3507 CA • HP12713

SOLAR THERMAL BUSINESS FOR SALE Well established, good income, growth potential, in a beautiful area in the Pacific Northwest. Will train the right person. Contact: [email protected] • HP12714

CONTAIN YOUR BATTERIES SAFELY with vented HDPE box complete with welded seams and removable lid. Custom sizes available, UPS shippable. 707-485-8359 • HP12715

LED bulbs from CCrane at discount prices. Many styles available in 12V and 120V. 707-485-8359 • HP12716

LARGE GAS REFRIGERATORS 12, 15 & 18 cubic foot propane refrigerators. 15 cubic foot freezers 800-898-0552 Ervin's Cabinet Shop, 220 N County Rd. 425E., Arcola, IL 61910 • HP12717

OFFERING STOCK PASSIVE SOLAR HOME BLUEPRINTS for building a beautifully simple, cost effective, energy efficient home. Steve Kawell 970-769-3904 • HP12718

GET HOT AIR OUT OF YOUR ATTIC! Solar-Powered Attic Fans (317) 847-4546 • HP12719


OFF-GRID WIND/SOLAR RAMMED EARTH HOME, 80 ACRES, 45 min. from Santa Fe/40 minutes from Albuquerque, panoramic views, 3/2, gourmet kitchen, granite counters, solar water feature, koi pond, beautiful landscaping, gorgeous entertainment patios, outdoor fireplace, 2 wells, 1000 gal. water storage tank, 1000 gal. underground propane tank, separate storage/studio. Electricity run to Palm Harbor mobile 2/2 and bunk house 1/1, (south end of property), corral, apple/pear orchard. $689,900. Owner/Broker: Victoria 505/832-1456 or 505/660-9201 • HP12721

JACOBS 2.5KW COMPLETE, $7500 Jacobs 2.5kw generator and yaw shaft only, $2500 Jacobs tower, $6000 new steel to extend tower, $4500 Trace DR2512, $500 Trace PS2524, $1000. 2 each 3 cyl. Radiator-cooled diesel engines, $500 each. Phone 360 982 4053 • HP12722

BACK-UP POWER SYSTEMS: New patentpending ultra-compact, battery operated back-up power system. Low profile, wall-mounted system fits between or on wall studs - hardwired or standalone models. Easy installation. (203) 324-9595 • HP12724

PRESCOTT, ARIZONA. LIVE ON SOLAR RANCH. PEACEFUL, QUIET. Expand your knowledge & dreams with electric/ hydrogen vehicles. Handyman exp. in electric, plumbing, solar & mechanical ability. Wage/rent see pictures 928-717-2471 • HP12725

BEAUTIFUL TIMBER FRAME 4BDRM HOME. SOLAR AND WIND POWERED. Masonry woodstove. Sauna. Sublime 10 acres, Marengo WI. $230,000. 877-808-5006. • HP12726

convergence Tech, Inc. turn exercise into electricity With the PEDAL-A-WATT bicycle stand

Charge your cell phone, iPod, or power small appliances while you get fit with the Pedal-A-Watt. Easily attach or detach your bike and produce an average of 125-200 watts.

Add a PowerPak and store the energy for later use. Exercise in the morning and plug in a light at night!

And the convenient Pedal-A-Watt Easy Package makes producing electricity even simpler by combining all of the components into one, complete system.

To order or for more info:

914-773-6749 • [email protected]


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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

Global warming is a huge problem which will significantly affect every country in the world. Many people all over the world are trying to do whatever they can to help combat the effects of global warming. One of the ways that people can fight global warming is to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources like oil and petroleum based products.

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