• In the so-called "free energy field", many charlatans, much disinformation, some honest mistakes, some real systems and information

• Absolutely must separate wheat from chaff

• Working laboratoiy proof-of-principle devices do exist; groups need funds for development

• Inventors with such systems usually do not comprehend the actual mechanism used

• U.S. is 100 years behind in applying necessary corrections to electrodynamics; but some courageous scientists have begun o

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The scientists have failed us

• Secretary Abraham, it is the U.S. scientific community which has failed us, and which is responsible for this unnecessary crisis.

• No textbook presently even correctly states what actually powers a power line. The basis has been in particle physics for a half-century.

• Before arbitrary regauging by Lorentz in the 1880s, the

Max well-He a vi side theory does prescribe electrical power systems far from equilibnum in their fierce vacuum exchange, including systems which power themselves and their load, extracting the energy from their broken symmetry in their active vacuum energy exchange.

• Every power system already wastes a trillion times more energy than is placed on the power line; scientists and engineers do not even know it.

• Heaviside published the basis for that in the 1880s and 1890s; Poynting never even knew it. Lorentz knew it, couldn't explain the source, stated "no physical significance" and discarded it.

• This discarded "Heaviside energy" is what is generating the extra gravity in spiral galaxies, and holding their arms together. Scientists arbitrarily discarded it in the 1880s; have forgotten it today.

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