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The scientific community enforces a 137-year-old flawed EM model

• Equations still assume material ether.

• Thoroughly confuse cause and effect.

• "Fields" as defined in electrical engineering do not exist outside matter (Feynman, Wheeler)

• Arbitrarily discards vacuum energy exchange and usage.

■ Proven for nearly 50 years in particle physics

■ Dipole exchange particularly significant be cause dipole's negentropy extracts all EM energy - used in the system -- from the vacuum. Every system already powered by the vacuum anyway.

• Arbitrarily discards about 10 trillion times as much

EM energy present around a circuit as the circuit intercepts.

• Scientific community pummels most scientists who toy to change model or develop systems far from equilibrium in their known violent energy exchange with the active vacuum.

• SameJlmwdpower system schema for more titan a century.

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