Note: Whittaker (and others) interp reted the phase conjugate half set of LWs after interaction with the charges of thedipole; and as an eflfeci rather than the cause. This fundamental non sequitur has just been repeated since then. Thus they missed the solution of the source charge and source dipole.

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Astonishing but true

All the hydrocarbons burned, nuclear fuel rods consumed, dams and windmills built, fuel cells consumed, and batteries installed do not add a single direct watt to the power line. Never have, never will.

All that does is continually restore the generator source dipole, which our systems are designed to continually destroy faster than they power their loads.

The dipole extracts energy from the vacuum, and pours it out to fill all space around the power lines. The power lines intercept and use only about 10exp(-13) of it.

Nobody tries to catch any of the rest of it. There is no ordinary source of thai energy flow, which is enormously greater than the energy put into the shaft of the generator.

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