Lowered energy requirements for appliances

• Approved in last days of Clinton administration

• Washing machines must use 35% less energy, beginning in 2007

• Water heaters must use 5%-9% less eneigy, beginning in 2004

• Adds about $240 to price of washing machine

• Lower energy costs over time will offset initial increased cost

• Approved by Bush administration in April 2001 after review

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Easing air conditioner and heat pump standards

♦ Bush administration eased Clinton's new efficiency standards

■ Still require air conditioners and heat pumps to use 20% less energy than most current models, beginning in 2006

■ Clinton standard was 30% less

• All central home air conditioning units must meet minimum seasonal efficiency ratio (SEER) of 12, compared to present 10

* Replaces Clinton SEER standard of 12

* In California, easing these standards requires two more power plants

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