Refuge Exploration

• The caribou herd in the Prudhoe Bay area grew more than 9-fold over the last 20 years (to 28,000 in 2000)

• Proves that caribou mating and oil exploration can peacefully co-exist

• Exploration should be considered on merits

• Opening ANWR will help, but does not allow full energy dependence

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Our increasing oil imports

• Closing off all new domestic sources enhances leverage and power of oil cartels

• These cannot relied on to put American interests first

• Development of domestic resources such as ANWR will help increase energy security by ensuring a more diverse supply of oil

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Government subsidies and tax breaks

• Administration will continue to support funding for energy research and development initiatives.

• Capital is best allocated through the workings of the free markets, not manipulating the tax code

• Government regulatoiy policy should not aim at picking winners and losers

• Neither should tax policy

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Price controls

• America imposed price controls on oil and gas in the 1970s; they were an utter failure

• Led to shortages, rationing, and idea that America was gripped by malaise

• Administration does not support price controls

■ Lead to more blackouts and gas lines

■ Will not reduce demand, but cripple incentives for new investments in energy supply

Will deepen America's energy crisis

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Charting a new national policy

• Comprehensive. Across every department.

• Hemispheric. Includes the Americas.

• Diversify the energy supply for security, with a broad mix of options.

• Balanced. Combines environmental protection and energy exploration.

• Recommendations to be delivered to President Bush soon.

• Legislation will be introduced and bipartisan support.

• Hope that men and women of goodwill come together and transcend the present stale debate.

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• A reasoned and professional assessment of the present energy crisis situation by Secretaiy Abraham

• Demonstrates administration and DOE are energetically attempting to get the crisis under control with conventional methods

• Scientific advisers have no "out-of-the-box" energy knowledge; policy stays essentially "in-the-box"

■ Shortage of natural gas, get more natural gas

■ Shortage of el e ctri cal p ow er pi ants , bull d mar e

■ Short distribution grid, build additional

■ Shortage pipelines, build some more

• Cannot "get more" in time to prevent economic disaster

• Cannot avoid overrunning first quarter 2004 "point of no return"

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Caution: It is stressed that

• Giv en on ly th e c onventi on al L orentz-reg auge d e 1 ectri c al design model, COP>1.0 EM systems are impossible. That type of EM only designs C(DP<1.0 systems!

• Given advice from scientific "experts" who know only Ct)P<1.0 design, U(l) electrodynamics, and Lorentz regauged power system theory, the Administration is doing the best that can be done, all factors considered.

• The DoE and the Administration must use whatever they have available to them, to try to solve the crisis.

• Hence DoE and the Administration is not at fault On the contrary, they are trying very hard to solve this escalating energy crisis, using the tools the scientists offer them.

• It is the U.S. scientific community that is squarely to blame for this sad state of affairs, and for the coming economic collapse.

COP = Coefficient of Performance

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An example of the time problem

• TVA and Texaco are discussing building a coal gasification 1,500 megawatt power p lant. _

■ Near Scottsb or o, Alabama

■ Construction could begin in 2002.

■ In 3-6 years, begin producing electricity.

• 90 plants are required per year, beginning now.

• 2007 is about the time that world economies are crumbling, conflicts are raging, and all the arsenals weapons of mass destruction will be unleashed.

• 2007 is about the time civilization will be destroyed, if we continue on the present course.

• With only present solution, can get perhaps 400 to 450 plants ready to come on line, about, the time they are destroyed

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The pending disaster Wlf

♦ The world energy crisis will escalate steadily, forcing collapse of world economy circa 2008.

♦ As nations' economies crumble, conflicts soar and one or more nations will exchange nukes and other weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Security partners forced to enter the melee.

♦ This evokes the long-dreaded WMD "spasm" response.

■ Only way for a nation to survive is to destroy its perceived foes before they destroy it.

■ Everybody fires eveiything, as fast as they can, unleashing all the arsenals of WMD, desperate attempt to survive.

■ Civilization and much of the biosphere is destroyed. Unleashing of smallpox alone will kill 2 billion.

♦ The time for this Armageddon is circa 2007.

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The bottom line:

Self-powering and COP>l .0 electrical power systems must be rolling off the assembly lines en masse by first quarter 2004. That is the "point of no return".

Otherwise, the point of no return will be overrun and no solution is possible, by any means, by anyone or by everyone.

If that deadline is missed, the crisis curves cannot be "damped" in time to prevent world economic collapse.

It is still doable, but only with a massive national effort of the highest priority. No one recognizes that as yet.

Meanwhile, the scientific community is doing business as usual. You will have to just push most of it aside.

We are "fiddling while Rome prepares to explode".

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Here are some events etc.

• Exxon Mobil Corp. soared to the top of the Fortune 500.

• Oil, gas, and power companies climbed.

• Increased income due to

■ Falling supplies so price increases

■ Utility deregulation. CA stupidly capped end prices, and freed middle prices. Dunce cap award for that one!

■ Soaring natural gas prices.

■ OPEC maneuvering to keep oil prices high

• Pacific Gas & Electric declared bankruptcy; another CA power company on the ropes.

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