Rigorous outofthebox work

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Rigorous "out-of-the-box" work (2):

(Bedini "negative resistor" in a battery)*

» A battery-powered circuit is not a single closed current loop; but has two largely separate current half-loops:

■ Internal ion current between plates.

■ External electron current from outside of one plate, through external circuit and load, to other plate.

i M/q ratios very different: Ion current more than 200,000 times heavier per coulomb than electron current

» Can dephase the two currents, overpotentialize both.

» Battery can thus be hyper-recharged while external circuit simultaneously powered.

- Bedini has been building successful little prototypes for more than 20 years. Could dramatically improve electric automobiles.

* T.E. Beard en, "Bedini's Method for Forming Negative Resistors in Batteries," Journal of Mew Energy ,5(1), Summer 2000, p. 24-38. http://Www. cheniere.org/techpapers/Bedini.pdf

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Initiating a Battery to COP>LO

• A Battery is highly nonlinear with multiple currents

■ Electron current largely bound between outside of plates and external circuit including through load

■ Ion current confined between plates, through separators

■ Mass-to-charge ratios of the two currents are vastly different

■ ion current in charging mode

■ electron current in circuit-powering mode, powering circuit

• Done by forming negative resistor

■ Sharp, higher potential at insulator interface on plate surface

■ Bidirectional overpotentialization

■ Energy extracted from active vacuum

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Secretary alone cannot solve it

* Scientific community, universities, national labs, NSF, NAS, power companies doing business as usual

■ No really out-of-the-box energy research

■ Do not realize all electrical systems and power lines are powered by energy extracted from the vacuum

■ Not correcting flawed electrodynamics, uninterested

■ Not funding any vacuum energy extraction projects

* New policy cannot quickly eliminate the long delay time till new electrical power plants come on line

■ Need 60 to 90 powerplants per year; first one can be operational only after several years even with crash program

■ Skyrocketing energy, trucking and other transport costs will drive the nation into financial disaster during that delay

* Only doable solution: vacuum-energy systems

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What is desperately needed

• Separate "Manhattan Project" on energy from the vacuum systems, reporting to Secretaiy

■ Operate under Presidential Decision Document

■ Staffed with carefully selected scientists and engineers

■ Top priority funding

■ Round-the-clock research

• Support from selected personnel in national labs, universities, research corporations

• Start with known COP>l .0 systems; factual information can be provided

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Why it can be done in time

* Already have elements of necessary theory of Maxwellian disequilibrium COP>LO systems; funding will finish it rapidly

* Several legitimate COP>l .0 systems exist, can be quickly developed and scaled up

* Two years or less after start, a range of self-powering systems can be rolling off the assembly lines en masse

* A great breakthrough in close-looping principles for self-powering technology has been accomplished

■ Deeply proprietary, can be released

■ Using breakthrough, parallel program can develop self-powering of many present power systems

■ Will not be discussed without the program

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