With clean A

electrical energy

• Even poorest nations get onto the fast track

■ Rapid development of infrastructure

■ Concentrate on clean water, medical treatment, education, plentiful food

■ Rise of industries and creation of jobs

• Gradual but permanent shift in electric power

■ Accent decentralized systems

■ Dramatically reduce vulnerability of power grids

■ Practical, agile electric cars, trucks, trains

• Releases the iron grip of energy barons

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Recommendations to DOE

• "Out-of-the-box" prototypes do exist, theory developed.

• Crash Manhattan project; Presidential Decision Directive.

• Intense program with highly selected scientists to correct EM flaws and extend EM theory to higher symmetries.

• Obtain compensated release of breakthrough close-looping process to initiate many normal power systems into self-powering systems, and rapidly develop and apply.

No discussion without program and ND A.

• Protect patent rights of o/u inventors. Suspend national labs, universities, other research labs from "cluster patenting" in the area. They sign nondisclosure, non-compete, eliminate "march in" theft clauses.

• President order release of known overunity systems captured from inventors and in deep black community.

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