Activity Adding The Servo To The Solar Panels Parts Required

(1) Parallax Continuous Rotation servo (1) 1 hexagonal standoff, pre-drilled (1) 1/4" panhead Phillips screw

(2) 7/8" panhead Phillips screws (2) #4 hex nuts

Tools Required

Parallax screwdriver Hand drill with a #36 bit -OR-

Hobby knife (such as an X-acto® knife) with a slim, sharp tip Optional: Diagonal cutters or other flush clippers (such as toenail clippers!)

Below are the directions for mounting the servo on the solar panel tray, as shown in Figure 4-13 and Figure 4-14.

V Unscrew the servo horn from the servo, being careful to keep track of the tiny black screw.

V Using the hand drill or the tip of a hobby knife, enlarge one of the holes in the servo horn closest to the center, making it large enough to accommodate the 1/4" panhead screw. (Your servo may have a round horn or a 4-prong horn.)

V Thread the screw through the enlarged hole in the servo horn from the underside.

V Slip the lock washer onto the screw.

V Thread the standoff onto the screw, using the end farther from the drilled holes.

V Find that tiny black screw, and reattach the servo horn to the servo shaft.

V Line up the holes drilled in the standoff with the holes in the solar panel tray tab, and thread the screws through the holes, as shown in Figure 4-14.

V Thread washers and hex nuts on the screws and gently tighten. If you find that tiny nubs of plastic on the tray tab interfere, you may clip them off with the diagonal cutters (or toenail clippers!)

Servo Standoff
Figure 4-13: Mounting the Standoff on the Servo Horn

Note that the 4-40 1/4" screw is going through the enlarged hole in one side of the servo horn, and not through the center of the horn itself.

box shade

Figure 4-14

Attaching the Servo to the Solar Panel Tray

Adding the Servo Circuit

V Make sure you have disconnected the power to your Board of Education (as you should always do before modifying circuits!)

V Add the servo to your Dueling Solar Cells circuit as shown by the schematic in Figure 4-15.



Figure 4-15: Sun Tracker Schematic

V For a Board of Education Rev C, refer to the wiring diagram in Figure 4-16 to make sure the servo leads are lined up with the labels by the P12 servo port, and that your jumper is set to Vdd.

Solar Energy Parts List Pictures
Figure 4-16: Sun Tracker Wiring Diagram for Board of Education Rev C

V For a Board of Education Rev B or A, refer to Figure 4-17 to make sure your servo's black lead is connected to Vss, the red lead to Vdd, and the white lead to P12, via the 3-[in header on the breadboard.

Biomass Energy Circuit Diagram
Figure 4-17: Sun Tracker Wiring Diagram for Board of Education Rev B or A Note: Do not use the servo headers in the Board of Education Rev B for this activity.

V After you have made sure your servo is plugged in properly, reconnect power to your board. (If you are using the Board of Education Rev C, you will need to have your 3-position switch in postion-2 to power the servo.)

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