Activity Building A Software Foundation And Superstructure

Like any good building large or small, the key to its success and longevity lies in laying a solid foundation. Following that, building the superstructure that will hold the walls and floors is the next step. This analogy between building a physical structure and building a software structure is actually quite close. Just like throwing up a lean-to in a hurry for immediate shelter, you can also hack some code together with equal ease and less-than-permanent results. The term "hack" is computer lingo for doing something fast and quick in either hardware or software. As a matter of fact, some programmers, technicians and even degreed engineers never seem to get past the hacking stage. The end result of all their work, of course, is often replete with errors and inefficiencies. While it's okay to hack here and there, it is far better to learn the correct way of doing things in the first place. And this is exactly what you are about to learn; how to design a software program that will bear the load of what it supports. So let's get started!

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