Alarms Adding Event Code

Event code is StampPlot code that is ran when an event occurs. An event is a meter hitting an alarm level, a button being clicked, a text box having its text changed, or a variety of other actions that may take place with the plot object controls.

Event code is written by specifying the code to take place for the object, such as our meter:

!O Meterl.C=~PWAV boing

Multiple instructions can be issued by separating them with "cr" If you are using multiple lines, a ";" may also be used (you'll see this in macro text files). !O Meter1.C=~PWAV boing(CR)!STAT ALARM AT (RTIME)

Where (RTIME) is the real time of the plot (the computer's hours:minutes:seconds).

V Can you add the event code to the previous program? (hint: It belongs after the meter is created).

V Please look through the help files on other plot object controls and their use, and of course try some out!

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