Appendix C Programming Stamp Plot

StampPlot Pro is a serial computer interface program for data acquisition and control for the Parallax, Inc, series of BASIC Stamp® microcontroller modules. StampPlot is a very versatile program with many great features. With the large number of choices available, the program can be a little intimidating to the new user. This guide will discuss many of the most popular features of StampPlot, though only brief examples are provided to help you get started.

Here is a partial list of StampPlot features covered in this document:

• Basic control of the plot through the button bar

• Plotting analog or digital data easily

• Control virtually all StampPlot settings with code

• Accept data as strings or as binary values

• Save data and images of the plots

• Use image, drawing and sound files for effects

• Place controls on the interface for monitoring and control

• Perform math operations

• Configure from macros (text scripts)

• Use an interface for interactive control of your BASIC Stamp module

• Perform acquisition and control over the Internet

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