This Experiments with Renewable Energy Student Guide was created for ages 15 and above, ideally as a subsequent text to the What's a Microcontroller? and Basic Analog and Digital guides. Due to this, it is preferable that both students and teachers are already familiar with the PBASIC instructions and understand their functions in a normal programming environment. While some attention will be devoted to explanations of how the programs work, this is not a course in programming. However, all of the PBASIC source code will be available as a free download to educators, so the experiments may be accomplished without a prerequisite course by following the check-mark instructions. Students and teachers are referred to the BASIC Stamp Programming Manual and the

Help menu of the BASIC Stamp Editor for full details of PBASIC instructions and their operations.

Similarly, the experiments in Experiments with Renewable Energy use a multiplexed, 4-channel A/D converter system that takes in voltage values and outputs binary values relative to the converted analog voltages. The theory behind a single-channel A/D converter is covered in the Basic Analog and Digital guide that still applies to our 4-channel model. Rather than repeat what's been covered before, this text does not delve deep into this device. The Experiments with Renewable Energy series of experiments will focus on teaching new electrical and programming techniques that build on the experiments and theory presented in these preceding guides.

The target audience for these experiments are high school, community college and undergraduate college students who desire an introduction to understanding DC and AC electrical concepts in conjunction with solar and wind renewable energy technologies. Additionally, these experiments are also geared to hobbyists of all ages whose enthusiasm and feedback on the subjects presented can provide for continued improvements in this guide.

Finally, this text is designed for teachers who wish to augment their math and science instruction with direct, hands-on applications of the academic principles involved in these subjects. Teachers always hear the same "What good is studying math and science?" and "When will I ever get to use it?" lines from their students. This text gives teachers viable answers to these recurring questions, and also provides the incentive for students to excel in these subjects given their direct participation in the experiments.

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