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The following Parallax Discussion Forums are available for those who would like support in using this text:

Stamps In Class Group: Open to students, educators, and independent learners, this forum allows members to ask each other questions and share answers as they work through the activities, exercises and projects in this text.

Parallax Educator's Group: Educators may join this forum after proof of status as an educator has been verified by Parallax. This moderated forum provides support for educators, provides a place for educators to post Teacher's Guides of their own development, and welcomes feedback as we continue to develop our Stamps in Class curriculum. Parallax also posts question and answer keys for selected Stamps in Class titles on this forum.

These groups are accessible from under Discussion Forums on the Support menu. If you are having difficulty subscribing to either of these groups, or have other questions about this text or Stamps in Class, contact the Parallax Stamps in Class Team directly at [email protected].

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